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  1. I built a terrain ramp up into space... I was a long fall...
  2. I find using the drill head and crane are pointless as well. I can gather more resources easier with the hand deformer and place them onto a vehicle myself in less time. If the drill & crane were automated and the vehicle storage capacity was far larger, then it would be worth the time.
  3. I'd like to have custom helmets/suits so I can run around like the Moon Astroneers from 2001: A Space Odyssey or Daft Punk or Deadmau5.
  4. Please make the Seats Mountable to the Front/Back so it will make the top attachments available for more utility units. It would work best for the Truck yet maybe create a Saddle Mount that will fit on the rover in some way and make the attachment slot usable for other devices. Maybe also make an ATV smaller than the Rover but able to make it up more types of terrain and only allow for 4 or 6 small attachment slots for backpack style items. An ATV would make underground travel much easier if we can have it store extra Tethers and Oxygen units. Maybe also allow for a smaller winch to pull
  5. After more thought, perhaps create an Architect Unit that will let you build large Advanced structures such domed enclosure, yet there would be many steps and resources to gather and build in order. Build the foundation out of Minerals & Resin. Build the wall/skirt out of Minerals & Compounds. Build the Dome-Frame out of Titanium & Aluminum & Compounds. Build the Dome Shell out of Resin & Compounds. Then add supplementary internal base units determined on what the Dome is for. Garage with different sized doors and airlocks.
  6. When you're out in the middle of nowhere and low on power, it would be nice to have an inflatable shelter to erect and get inside. Getting in one of these could also act as a Game Save. If you do not set down a tether to attach the shelter to, it will blow along with the storm and eventually be ejected out somewhere. You can have multiple shapes of shelters: Large base low dome that does not get captured in the wind. Pyramid, like Pathfinder's, that would tumble erratically in the storms. Sphere/Hamster-Ball, also gets captured in the storms, yet also allows you to run i
  7. Resins should probably be converted from Organic resources and similarly for the Compound as well. For small plants it would require harvesting and allowing them to regrow so you can sow them later. Add multiple type of plants so that for large trees, you can destroy them to get the resource for converting, or attach a Extraction Unit and an optional inventory cache for long term resource gathering. If you destroy the tree to get a quick collection of resource it is unlikely to grow back, or you have to plant seedlings to collect them after a long cycle. If drilling for oil is added
  8. Yes, would be nice. Maybe have a very simple limited area map by default and then with Backpack Upgrades (need more side slots) allow us to build a mapping unit. Navigating some of those caverns is tricky. Also, if you add the use of Satellite networks, add even more options with GPS functions and showing the other players that have the appropriate upgrade modules on their backpacks or vehicle.
  9. It would be nice to be able to add a scanner system, maybe orbiting satellites, that require you attach an antenna to your backpack (make 4 or 6 attachment slots to the side for non-resource tools and upgrades) or a to your base or vehicle (which should also have more slots for small upgrades) so that you receive: Storm Warnings with speed, strength, direction and time to arrival. Resource readings with direction and density. Hand scanner units for underground scanning or supplementing the orbital scans for improved readings. Add a sundry list feature so that you can s
  10. It would be nice to be able to gather Organic and other surface resources without destroying the terrain.
  11. I found the game starts lagging most when I'm near many of the of the base parts. Perhaps hide all the text unless you place the cursor over the part or item. Make the option togglable in the graphics menu.
  12. Additionally, when building material it would be nice to output geometric shaped bricks that are slabs, square, hexagonal and similar forms to build arches. Perhaps some way to select a architectural section as a transparent outline such as a arch, a ramp or a bridge and then use the tool to fill in the volume.