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  1. I did the same thing once, the best thing to do is have a friend join and disconnect the power, otherwise you will have to start a new save. To solve the big purples, you have to provide enough power over a period of time.
  2. Steam Version 1.0.7 Every time my friend died in a game hosted by me, he would spawn in the habitat, but when he exited his astroneer would get stuck in the habitat. Rather than teleporting a few feet away from the habitat door, he would drop below the habitat and infinitely run. While stuck he could not re-enter the habitat, or interact with anything outside the habitat. After several minutes of trying, an attempt to enter the habitat becomes successful and he can exit safely. To prevent him from being stuck again I raised the terrain up around the door so exiting cause the astronee
  3. Steam Version 1.0.7 In a game hosted by me, my friend and I started smelting Wolframite into tungsten, then left and went into a cave system. After coming back there was half a tungsten on the smelter, and half on a storage next to it. both when hovered over showed the Tungsten label, however neither could be picked up. The smelter continued to work, but the storage slot with the half tungsten was ruined and could no longer hold a resource. The same thing happened with copper, except it was more of 1/4 on the storage and the rest on the smelter.
  4. Steam Version 1.0.7 Every time my friend made a tractor in my game and drove it around, the tractor would randomly tip forward and sink halfway into the ground, tipping back and forth on an invisible axis. This happened several times and we lost the tractors (couldn't get them back up). These events all happened when the tractor was connected to at least on trailer.
  5. I suggest adding a float feature (like when you clip through terrain) or a bounce back system in the middle of the big purples. This would fix/ help people that were standing on the center of the purples when power was plugged into them, causing the astroneer to be stuck inside, and if they were tethered to O2 supply, be stuck inside forever, ruining their save. I put 20 hours+ into a save and it is now ruined because of this, I am aware that a co-op player can save you, but this would prevent the need for one.
  6. So, here's what happened: I was driving the tractor and fell really far down, and the speed of the falls caused it to clip into the terrain, so I got out and flipped it. After flipping it I accidentally got in while the seat was in the terrain, so I got out, and flew up through the terrain, and into the sky. Miraculously, I did not take any damage when I hit the ground, probably because I continued a little bit through the ground, resulting in an infinitely running astroneer stuck in the ground. The green beacon is where the tractor is, and this should be 100% repeatable. Version: 1.0.4
  7. You do realize that exotic moon is separate, you have to select the pod next to tutorial.
  8. I don't know if this is supposed to happen in the game, but if you find a tree, rock, and those cacti-like plants in caves with a research pod on it, you can then take it off and put any one slot or two slot objects on there. I have tested this with resources and a medium storage.
  9. Why change the sliding when in real life you have no choice when you go down a steep hill walking or running you can still slide. I admit that maybe in 1.0 they should add a traction variable for different places on planets because as far as I can tell there is none, but to me it adds a little fun when something like surprisingly sliding and falling off a cliff happens in game.
  10. If it's possible, I think it would be a good idea to have LAN multiplayer, but rather than several family members buying the same game, allow one owner host and the others join as temporary assistants. I don't know how the story will be implemented, but if 1.0 is relatively close to game play now, I see no reason why a sibling would have to buy an entire other copy just for multiplayer, kind of like split screen just on two computers, host PC calculates everything while the secondary PC inputs movement and action data.
  11. The orbit isn't messed up, the planet glitched and split into four slices, a very common but funny glitch.
  12. I was trying to fly on the single use rocket by jumping on top of it and activating it, but it just burned out while I was on it, even if it results in the death of several astroneers I would like the rocket force to also affect the astroneer in a realistic way, like flying up a hundred feet and then flipping over and having the astroneer fall. This would have no actual use in game, but it would be fun when there's not much else to do except wait for research.
  13. It looks like in the patch notes a known issue is putting things in chem lab tray bricks the machine and stops it from working, I could have misunderstood so you should check the bottom of the patch notes and look.
  14. That's why you make two thrusters, one to go to another planet, and store the other in your backpack for a return home, worked great for me to go to barren for wolframite, then back to base, then to tundra, however the year long wait for terran to come back into orbit was boring.