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  1. Adjusting the colors on the prompts for the Xbox client would be nice. I'm having some difficulty reading them while playing on a Xbox One X on a 4k and 1080p TV. Made a bug thread about it a while back.
  2. Summary: When using a smelter with mixed resources () the result Copper and Aluminum can visually combine on the socket where they appear. Steps to Reproduce/My set up: Smelter on a Large Platform A with a Medium Storage on one of the sides On the storage place on already created Copper Collect 2 Malachite and 3 Laterite Place 2 Malachite and 2 Laterite on the Smelter Begin smelting Just before the second Aluminum is created place the extra Laterite on the Smelter Observe Smelter Results: When one of the resources is done being created the next one will begin to form inside of it Expected: Created resources don't merge together when being created Notes: I personally did see the merge occur but noticed while running laps around my base The resource that was first created by the Smelter cannot be interacted with by the cursor If the player jumps/moves into the smelter the already created resource will pop out and be can used I was able to reproduce this twice out of five attempts (ran out of Malachite and Laterite)
  3. Took some PC screenshot for comparison. Brightness is set to 0. First screenshot is PC, the game just picked up my Xbox controller at the time.
  4. With the new 0.9.2 update UI elements and menus are still a bit difficult to read. I've tried messing with the brightness settings and it doesn't seem to do anything. The game itself remains relatively dark (close to PC's -30 setting) and the menus/prompts look like they have their brightness set to max. I've also tried my Xbox One X on three different TVs and all three showed the same issue with blown out/washed out menus and prompts. TVs tested: Samsung KU6300 Sony X750D Sony W600B Changing TV settings didn't seem to help much either. Brightness settings on the PC (Steam) version seems to be working fine.
  5. Mak

    Invulnerable floating texture

    I've had this happen when messing around with Dynamite. Leaving the area for a certain amount of time or saving and reloading will fix it.
  6. Mak

    I checked my pants...

    Bugs like this can be amusing. Saw this a lot in a previous project I worked on where you’d have a 3rd person camera depending on the faction/team.
  7. Summary Occasionally when attempting to place an item on the backpack the sockets seem to have a "zone" where it doesn't know where to place the item. This seems to happen when attempting to move items from different sockets or when picking items up off the ground. As seen in the attached video this can sometimes lead to Dynamite being placed on the backpack or the character model. I have not been able to reproduce the socket behavior on PC, but the Dynamite placement does occur on PC.
  8. Summary When attempting to load the main menu the game became washed-out and the load screen stopped its animation. The music for the main menu began playing the background but I was unable to to access it. A restart of the game fixed it, but I encountered it two more times after the client crashed during gameplay. It's possible that trying to load a save after a crash causes this behavior, but a restart "fixes" it until the next crash.
  9. Summary When playing on a Xbox One X @ 4K (with a HDR compatible display) test becomes difficult to read. This includes tutorial pages, bytes gained message, and general button prompts. This probably due to light grey text color appearing on a white background. Additionally a random white/grey dot appears at "random" during gameplay in the top left corner of the screen. It's unclear what triggers it, but it eventually disappears. The dot appears to be part of the UI as it will change color when menus are open to match the brightness of other UI objects. Screen captures have been attached. Text may be easier to read on a monitor, but on a TV as a distance of 5~6 feet its almost unreadable.
  10. Vsync wouldn’t really fix the issue, but it could help by delaying the effects of a memory leak by reducing the overall load on the PC. Vysnc mostly just reduces CPU and GPU load by not rendering extra frames that the monitor can’t display, and of course reduce/prevent screen tearing.
  11. Mak

    Grainy Graphics

    To take a screenshot on Xbox rapidly hit the Home button twice and check the prompts when the side menu pops up. If I'm remembering correctly "Y" should take a screenshot. Once you've done that you can go to and look up your account. If the issue is truly with the software/hardware the screenshot there should reflect what you see when playing the game. While it's not a direct capture from the system it's better than pictures of a TV/monitor screen.
  12. Yikes, that quite the memory leak. I've played for longer sessions than 3-4 hours and haven't seen that much memory usage on my desktop or laptop. But I have noticed lower FPS as my bases get larger as I play and it affects the performance until I leave for a planet with a smaller base. The highest FPS I've seen on my desktop was just short of 200fps on max settings 1080p, but with a complicated base it can drop down to mid 40s. Laptop was around 90fps on medium settings 1080p and can drop down to the low 30s. Desktop specs: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 16GB DDR4 1866MHz EVGA GTX 1080 SC Game is installed to a SSD Laptop specs: Dell 7577 Intel i5 7300HQ 12GB DDR4 2400MHz GTX 1060 Max-Q Game is installed to a SSD
  13. Have you tried holding down the right or left triggers when attempting to drive?
  14. Mak - Steam - First person?

    I've something similar happen when jumping into small crevices or wreckage to collect stuff, exiting those areas fixed the camera. It seems like when in small places the camera has no where to go so it just shoves itself into the character model. This is kind of a common issue in third person games that don't have a fixed camera distance. In your case it seems like the camera didn't catch you were entering something and just followed you in.
  15. Summary When collecting resources if the player somehow managed to mine the ground UNDER a resource there is chance it will remain floating. Steps to Reproduce Find a patch of Ammonium Begin mining resources When mining move the cursor to be positioned underneath a partially exposed resource node Mine the remaining land around the Ammonium Notes I noticed this was easier to reproduce when collecting Ammonium, I was able to get it once with Resin and regenerating research nodes. Screenshots have been attached When floating the resources can't be collected. Returning to the area after saving & exiting removes the floating resources, but not the research nodes Maybe this is related to what I reported in this thread with floating object/salvage/slivers of land?