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    MIssing vehicles

    Thanks for the reply. The situation you showed happened to me too. I left my truck on a hill next to a moutain to climb it and when i returned it was like the pictures you posted. But this case was different. I died and when landed all my vehicles where missing, not underground but really missing. They were not there. Since now i'm lost and i'm trying to find my base i can say if that happened again. But it was really annoying, since i gattered the materials and had the vehicles, just to find they where gone. By the way, i'm playing on a laptop, Asus K53S, 6 Gb Ram and Nvidia Geforce GT 540M (forgot to mention before) Cheers!!
  2. Darth Rheys

    MIssing vehicles

    So i died in a very stupid way and when i started the game again, with the pod landing on the landing pad, i notice that all my vehicles disappeared. I had 4 vehicles in my base (a rover and 3 medium trucks, two of which had machinery attached - the large shredder and the fuel condenser) and they were all gone. Fortunatly, the truck i left in the cave was safe, but the ones at my base were all gone. It is worth mentioning that they were all connected by power cables. Got to go now. A lot of exploration to do!!