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  1. How about Flying vehicles? Not just shuttles, but vehicles you could use to fly around in, but require you to buy hydrazine/power storage for the fuel, and other parts to fully assemble the vehicle. Some planets could have thick atmospheres, and use power for rotors, and others could have thin atmospheres, and use fuel to fly. Places such as Barren, for example, would possibly require fuel to fly, due to a thin atmosphere.
  2. While on Barren, I got lost searching for lithium while driving my truck. While lost, I came across a randomly generated abandoned base. While looting it, I noticed an enormous platform with eight sides, two spaces (like where you place things on other platforms) on every other side, and maybe four power attachment points. It also had enough space to make it look like a helipad, and it was so high I had to build up to the top. Will people be able to fabricate or print it in the future? If not, I'll have to move my moon base. Also, will there be different stations to print very large thin