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  1. Anytime i enter a shuttle or buggy or even a tractor, the game just shuts down. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and the same thing happens, luckily it does save when i enter, but it still crashes
  2. In multiplayer, the only person that can launch the rocket is one of the guests, because if the host launches the rocket, everyone in it besides the host just gets stuck in space, and cant click anything or return to home base.
  3. Very frequently my terrain tool will just go through the ground and i could only see the wire, and it would take 1-2 seconds for it to be in my hands when i need to use it. Only happens to guests in multiplayer and not the hosts
  4. So i traded 4 or 5 resin for 1 laterite, and the rocket sound of the trade platform continued to play even when it was finished trading. I restarted the game and it was still there. I had to turn the audio of the game off to not hear it.