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  1. IceCold

    Tether won't connect to buggy?

    Awesome, thanks!
  2. IceCold

    Tether won't connect to buggy?

    Sorry, by 'buggy', I mean the small tractor.
  3. Version, on PC Went out to do some spelunking with my new buggy and trailers, only to find out that my tethers won't connect to it. Shows the light blue see through line as if it wants to, but when i drop it, it doesn't connect. Is that normal? (same tether connects to base or other tether line, no problem). thanks
  4. Sometimes, the terrain tool gets stuck on while digging. Kinda annoying. I have to put it away and take it out again, and even then sometimes it continues. New save, fully updated. Win 10.
  5. IceCold

    Terraforming tool not functioning

    I just found this thread, and for me, it's the inhibitor mods that does it. Fresh game on Friday 24th after coming back from a break. i don't even know what the inhibitor is for lol. Guess I have to find out! But, thanks to the forums, i figured out the 'not digging' issue.
  6. IceCold

    Landing over another ship

    Yup, same issue. Not good. Should definitely land somewhere else. i was scared to get out in case i can't take off again, so just launched immediately and went elsewhere...then stopped playing until this is fixed.
  7. It's an object left over form some other testing apparently. you can keep it, and maybe collect others as decoration...but it serves no purpose now.
  8. IceCold

    Game Save Deleted / Overwritten

    To load a saved the 'launch' screen, move the arrow to the right to the save points....the little 'ghost' seats. As for being able to save into a specific slot, I have no idea....nor do I know how to create a 3rd save point.
  9. Not sure if this was supposed to happen, but it seems the resource (resin in this case) reappeared in a place that I'd already mined....but the terrain didn't. win 10 64bit Steam version keyboard/mouse
  10. IceCold

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Thanks Peliex, I'll give a go and report back.
  11. IceCold

    Sound volume

    Same. It's buggy. No way to apply the setting that I can see. I assumed escape also 'applied', but it seems not. The only 'apply' button shows up in the graphics control panel, and only then if you change something (windowed to full screen for instance).
  12. IceCold

    How do generators work?

    Or, if it's the bigger generator, you'd need coal.
  13. IceCold

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    So while out roaming, I managed, again, to flip the rover after a nasty bounce over rocks (danged rocks!) Game default is to toss you from the vehicle, which it did, but I find myself (it happened more than once) swimming in the terrain, very scared I'm going to lose the goodies I have on me. I managed each time to get close enough to the rover to tab into it, but that seemed to be the only way to get back to normal. It's minor, but will need rectifying. Mouse/keyboard Steam? What were you doing leading up to this bug? Driving along in rover Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Do as I did lol