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  1. Cjb10

    Will not save on Xbox One!

    That is how I try to save usually but no dice
  2. Cjb10

    Will not save on Xbox One!

    I fully understand that there will most definitely be issues and bugs within the early access period and I am fine with that because I still enjoy playing the game regardless. However, had I known that this saving issue was still such a big problem for Xbox I wouldn’t have purchased the early access game for $19.99. Before I purchased the game I had seen that in the past few years there was a saving issue for Xbox users but I also read the 9.0 patch notes and it clearly stated that they had fixed this exact issue in the most recent patch... I feel I just threw away my $20 without the ability to save any of my progress. Nobody wants to put in 5+ hours of work on a game just to have it all lost when the game is shut off. I guess I just feel that the ability to save a game is expected and not seen as a “bug” even in early access trials
  3. Cjb10

    Games not saving??!

    I 100% agree. Without the ability to save, you are truly just wasting time in my opinion. I literally only own 4 games on my Xbox and this is one of them which tells you how much I enjoy playing this game... But with this same saving issue I’m experiencing I will most certainly stop playing indefinitely if it is not dealt with. I understand and can tolerate MANY bugs and issues in the games early development but this saving issue in a game built on progression is priority #1 and I will cease playing until it’s fixed.
  4. I bought the game from the Xbox store a few days ago and played a few times that day and the game saved fine. Since then, it has not saved anything. Countless hours of work and base building on other planets have been lost to this issue. If this continues to be the case I WILL stop playing the game entirely. I’ve read the forums and tried everything to get it to save successfully so I can continue playing and enjoying the game as I progress. I enter cars, shuttles, and habitats showing my game saving icon. I log out by selecting save and exit to main menu. Yet, it still loses all my recent work and the only save data pod I have to choose is one from days ago with far less game progression on it. Just today I uninstalled the game from my console and reinstalled it. I played a bit and switched planets to test the save. Still not working.... Me signing into this forum and typing up this issue is my last hope to continue playing this fun game. Without having the ability to save I am truly just wasting my time playing this game. Please hep me correct this issue!