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  1. Thanks guys. The lag got progressively worse as I played, which lead me to belive it was due to landscape, I was also trying to make a grid of tethers on my home planet to be able to breath anywhere, this made it so I could see almost all of the land around me at all times on that planet, which has I'm sure was a primary reason. My friend also joined me, and it seems that Co op is really taxing in your fps as well, no matter who hosted, the fps for them just dropped, but that's a whole other issue. Love this game, and with some fixing it'll be amazing, I look forward to sticking around.
  2. There is no multiplayer menu or prompt, just have your friend go to your profile and select join game while you are in a game
  3. Is there any reason other than poor optimization due to the game being early access that I would be getting less than 10fps on average. Is there anything that you've done to try to mitigate frame lag?