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  1. I do not understand the need to remove storms. All that needs to happen is to make them less frequent and give a variety of different types of storms (per planet) so that the player isn't flooded with the same boring storm -- which would ultimately end up in people suggesting to remove storms out of frustration; like the situation we have here.
  2. This is a known visual bug. There is a merged post about this which can be found here:
  3. Can't access it (lacking permissions) try making a pastebin and sharing the link here. It really doesn't matter if the computer parts are very new... If it wasn't a system problem, then everyone would be crashing in ~20 minutes, but they aren't. Maybe you're doing something in the game that causes it to crash? Try standing still in the game as soon as you start a new save and wait those 20 minutes.
  4. We're finally going to see more content in the game as the it approaches 1.0 release as it's how SES decides to develop the game; a strong framework first -- then the rest of the structure will be appearing in droves. A very exciting thing to think about in my opinion ?
  5. The problem with 'how the Astroneer will consume the water' still remains, but it is a good idea and something that would fit in the game with the upcoming update. One thing that I thought of for combating the consumption problem is: tubes. The top slots of the backpack would be used for canisters/tanks which would be filled with water, then tubes would connect to the underside of the astroneer's helmet and some sort of drinking sound would be played.
  6. Screenshots are being upload regularly on Discord from people who went to the booth. From what I am seeing, there will be a video from the System Era guys at PAX showcasing some of these features, not sure about it though. We have also been given info that the crafting update ( will be released soon after PAX, not sure about Terrain 2.0.
  7. With the addition of many, many new resources, I don't see the reason for not adding something like this -- It will be a time-saver. However, adding something like this needs to be looked-at from all angles such as: how frequently you can use it, how early you can get it, what resources will it be able to locate etc.
  8. I'm not sure about the hunger and thirst system. They seem like good suggestions, and from what we already know, these could make it into the game but only by piggybacking other coming features. Water There is no water in the game at the moment - but it has been something that has been worked on by the SES team and shared through the Vlogs. However, this is only for the physical liquid form of water on planets, not that it will have many uses, therefore, your suggestion for extracting water from leaves shouldn't be the main way of obtaining it. Instead, water should be filtered from bodie
  9. You can't really expect the devs to be posting any info here on the new planets nowadays...
  10. Can't wait to see what they've been working on! Hype ?
  11. This is known to happen on planets other than Terran. System Era have confirmed that this issue will be fixed when Terrain 2.0 releases(who's date is currently unconfirmed, but speculation points to ~September-October)
  12. Not sure about the progress on Xbox One X or the in-depth details on the Xbox-side but this should be fixed in the coming updates - as it will be for PC users. From my knowledge, this issue is also prominent on PC, with lower-end machines not being able to host games while having their game remain playable. My conclusion to this problem is due to a lack of optimization on all platforms. With the release of Terrain 2.0 and Dedicated Servers in the near future, performance should be improved majorly. From what I have observed in the SES Vlogs, there is already work put in-place to combat th
  13. Love the idea and I'm sure many people would love it too! There has been a lot of talk about oxygen and how it does not make sense in this game, especially when concerning tethers and lore. One issue I see here is the name for this mode... Oxygen Not Included? I understand what you mean and the reference to the game but - something original would be much better. I'm not one to apply appropriate names to things so I will let others decide upon that but I am sure there are better alternatives. +1
  14. I like the idea but it should be something that is only available in the late-game or has upgrade stages (gets better with each upgrade: finds better resources, more accurate etc). +1