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  1. Skippy The Magnificent

    Oxygenator Should Require Power

    Sorry, I was not trying to sound mean or rude I intend to be friendly and logically explain why this is not the best of ideas.
  2. Skippy The Magnificent

    Oxygenator Should Require Power

    Once you go to Desolo you already are facing a problem. How do I get power at night? This is usually a player's first stop. Meaning they don't have lithium to make batteries so unless the shuttle still provides oxygen the player will die. If the shuttle does provide oxygen with no power the player will be confined to their base. Also if they are underground they will not know the status of the power or time of day. This would kill the joy of the game it is supposed to be fun, not dying because the star went below the horizon.
  3. Skippy The Magnificent

    Oxygenator Should Require Power

    No, that would make flying to other planets such as Atrox extremely difficult and ridiculously stupid and overrated to go there. The game isn't meant to be technically skillful difficult, it is supposed to be an intellectual involved exploration game.
  4. Skippy The Magnificent

    New Resource Designs

    Now that 1.0 is out all the veins of resources got a make over. I think the resources on your backpack should change to. Wolframite is now more like cubes so the resource should be too.
  5. Skippy The Magnificent

    New power ideas

    These are very good suggestions that I believe will be added. They already tried geothermal and I believe it is still planned
  6. Skippy The Magnificent


    Also, if you launch the rocket from certain areas it is more efficient giving reason to move the fuel.
  7. Translated, Google Translate
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    Translated using Google Translate
  9. Skippy The Magnificent

    New planets every time, but always the same solar system

    They are planning more planet types
  10. Skippy The Magnificent

    Enclosed 3 Seats facing wrong way

    When you print the Enclosed 3 seat it faces the wrong way. The way to fix this is to make the items printed on vehicle in boxes. Not the vehicles themselves.
  11. Skippy The Magnificent


    I believe so
  12. Skippy The Magnificent

    Introduce Chaos into the universe

    Sigh, does anyone read before committing. NO GUNS, this game isn't ever going to have guns. About the black hole Watch the E3 trailer
  13. Skippy The Magnificent

    Rover seat should have mount point on the back of the seat

    Or it would just switch the orientation