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  1. Skippy The Magnificent

    New cave layer ideas

    I think they do actually read these, just nobody realizes it.
  2. Skippy The Magnificent

    Виды планет и исследований

    Translated with Google.
  3. Skippy The Magnificent

    Smooth Mod for the Terrain Tool

    The alignment mod is supposed to do just this.
  4. Skippy The Magnificent

    Balanced Progression for multiple play throughs

    Another way to solve this is to make it an actual tech tree.
  5. Skippy The Magnificent


    1 & 7. This could take a lot of work depending on how the water is coded, but definitely a good idea. 2 & 6. Depends on how they work. 3. I've seen a lot of the Drone idea, but you should be the one to explore. 4. Space Snails 5. Coming in the next update. I think.
  6. Skippy The Magnificent

    Allow us to shred anything that we can repack

    They are going to add an extra large shredder
  7. Be more specific. I say it should go twice the speed as the tractor.
  8. Skippy The Magnificent

    A slot for a power generator on the shuttle

    The RTG on the hab would be nice
  9. Skippy The Magnificent

    Train concept (With 3D model concept)

    There could be slow ones with larger capacity and tiny ones that crazy fast
  10. I had a problem with it if you were to pull the cord out to plug it in to a platform and missed you have to pick it up. A way to toggle it on and off would be good now that i think about it.
  11. If you did not know You can put your extenders in the auxiliary slots, the top two, pull the cord in the direction you want and C if it is on the top left slot or V for the top right.
  12. Skippy The Magnificent

    Oxygenator Should Require Power

    Sorry, I was not trying to sound mean or rude I intend to be friendly and logically explain why this is not the best of ideas.
  13. Skippy The Magnificent

    Oxygenator Should Require Power

    Once you go to Desolo you already are facing a problem. How do I get power at night? This is usually a player's first stop. Meaning they don't have lithium to make batteries so unless the shuttle still provides oxygen the player will die. If the shuttle does provide oxygen with no power the player will be confined to their base. Also if they are underground they will not know the status of the power or time of day. This would kill the joy of the game it is supposed to be fun, not dying because the star went below the horizon.
  14. Skippy The Magnificent

    Oxygenator Should Require Power

    No, that would make flying to other planets such as Atrox extremely difficult and ridiculously stupid and overrated to go there. The game isn't meant to be technically skillful difficult, it is supposed to be an intellectual involved exploration game.
  15. Skippy The Magnificent

    New Resource Designs

    Now that 1.0 is out all the veins of resources got a make over. I think the resources on your backpack should change to. Wolframite is now more like cubes so the resource should be too.