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  1. Game regularly increases to 14GB of RAM usage after ~2-3 hours playing, causing massive slowdowns at that point all across my computer.
  2. All this talk about making mass debris storage and transport, but nobody bringing up the fact that the large shredder can only make one thing at a time. And to be honest, I WOULDNT want magnetic debris storage. Yes, I'm saying I'd rather it bounce around. It would encourage roadmaking and flattening of the land.
  3. I SWEAR I searched for topics on this. Also, Nik, this topic was made last month, not last week like mine was. So this is the original.
  4. Make it use fuel instead of energy and you've got a deal. TBH, I've always found rovers a bit OP. Lead vehicle holds your seat and a Lg Storage, on which you put energy gen and storage, and suddenly you never run out of power and can explore forever.
  5. There's a known bug with the mouse. Try pressing alt or control to clear it. The bug happens when you alt-tab out of the game. The game doesn't register that the alt key is no longer being held (Because your computer sent the "The Alt key has been released" signal to whatever program you switched to). You can see a similar bug if you hold, say, W while alt tabbing, release W, THEN go back into the game. Your character will continue to move forward even with the game in the background and without you continuing to hold W. To fix it, simply press W once more so your computer sends the "The W key has been released" signal to Astroneer.
  6. If this is implemented, I'd also like it to be doable from orbit, so you can see what each mark is.
  7. +1. I didn't even leave the starting planet until I had finished research, so these items are completely useless to me, but there's just so many of them on all the other planets.
  8. Honestly, the research system is quite lackluster entirely in my opinion. It's too easy to get a train of medium rovers with large storages, go on a surface run, and come back with 10+ research objects, some of which could be worth 5-8,000 points. Do this a few times when you start running low and you're done with research. Honestly, a way to use small bits of research to, for example, increase the capacity of containers or batteries or increase battery charge/discharge rate wouldn't be amiss. perhaps a tiering system for each item? Require more and more research points to unlock stronger and stronger items?
  9. Honestly, I think the danglers should just ignore rovers entirely like everything else. Either that, or have like, a ten second timer where if they're still grabbed onto something, they let it go.
  10. Honestly, I could make do with a variation of the Alignment mod that followed the curve of the planet. Like, when you start using it, it says "Okay, I'm this many units above the core of the planet. Level all geometry to as close to that many units as I can."
  11. Currently, once the 'full' columns vanish from sight, there's no indication of how full a medium battery actually is until the drum wraps around. I think they should have a ring or display on the top similar to the ones found on canisters, that shows how much is actually in the battery. The following pictures show two batteries, one that's only lost 3.5 columns (12.5 columns, or ~80% remaining), and one that's lost 9 columns (7 columns, or ~45% remaining). You don't see empties show up on the other side until there's <3.5 columns (~20%) remaining. Aside from the state of the center columns, there's NO VISIBLE OR NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE between a battery with 80% charge and a battery with 20% charge, but if that's what's powering your rover and you're miles away from home, this is very important information to have.
  12. Being able to actually fly the shuttle rather than click buttons would, in my opinion, be much better. Currently, you can only land at random points on the planet, or right in front of a vehicle bay (which renders the vehicle bay unusable until you move the shuttle or disconnect and move the vehicle bay's platform). Being able to more accurately pick a landing spot would eliminate this entirely. Perhaps, instead of landing at the vehicle bay, you create landing platforms. The inflight landing selection would let you choose between terrain options and landing platforms. I've run into several issues where a landing spot overlaps another, because I made a base next to the terrain landing spot and made a vehicle bay to make rovers. At times, it comes down almost to luck to decide which landing point I actually land at in these cases, because the two points are so close together.
  13. +1 Anything to make traveling between bases less of a hassle.
  14. I do agree. Habitats and vehicles make sense for providing oxygen, as both have visible oxygen tanks. Perhaps the power cables also carry the oxygen to connected platforms, so you don't have to keep running back to your habitat while at base. It would also give an actual reason to use the Habitat. Currently there's no point aside from providing a 'home' beacon (Though you can just use a regular beacon and it can be seen from farther away)
  15. I absolutely agree with both situations. The vehicle brakes should not disengage when out of power or when the cab is unoccupied.