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    I would really like to be able to use a drill and crane to break down all the detritus around my area to use as scrap. As you use more and more resources, they become more scarce and I rely mostly on my trading platform when things become frustrating to find. The idea of having a trading platform is really amazing but finding scrap for it is really scarce. I really like the idea of attaching a crane, drill, some medium batteries, starage, and a large shredder on some rovers to go around the cleaning up and picking up scrap.
  2. After loading in to my world, I went down to my underground cave system and I noticed weird empty spaces at first I thought that the textures didn't render through all the way so I saved and reset my game but when I came back on the empty spaces where still there! after I cleared my inventory I decided to investigate and when I went into the empty space on the wall I went through and led me to another cave that I haven't explored yet. After more investigation I noticed them on the floor and when I walked over it I went straight down killing me. When I first experienced this I also noticed that rocks would be floating around my base. This only happens sometimes as they appear and disappear. The empty spaces/non filled in textures causes trouble for me to get around my tunnel system and makes it really hard to get resources and oxygen particles. Hope these bugs get fixed. P.S. Love the game, so addictive!