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  1. TehSmoo

    Do away with teathers

    Yeah, that's a definite experience-killer. Running back and forth up and down a passage, for EACH research item, or each backpack load of materials. I hope they do something about that... elevators? And I suppose that the code that curves the plugs could be adaptable for conveyor models as well.
  2. TehSmoo

    Do away with teathers

    Have you ever played Fortresscraft Evolved? A large portion of that game is dedicated solely to making belts and tubes to drag stuff topside. It's a LOT of work, and can be done far better in a block-based world, than in voxel-based games. I like it, frankly. It would allow players to toss their stuff topside and actually EXPLORE, rather than running up and down constantly.
  3. After seeing terrain 2.0, I have questions. If there was just ONE planet, this would make sense- dig for rarer minerals. But... what? People are expected to hop around from planet to planet to get the various gases for crafting? And also, dig to the core?
  4. TehSmoo


    Ehe. It's a thing. First ran into it in EVE, while also learning how to ask Russian-speaking players if it's ok to rat in their space, and/or have sexual relations with their sheep.
  5. TehSmoo


  6. That is a very incomplete and vague post. I doubt anyone knows what you are even talking about.
  7. TehSmoo

    Extenders vs Splitter

    Well, extrapolate it out a ways. One direction... you could just have a wireless power system. Slap a pole down, and power is shared between anything in a large radius, no plugs at all. Link something at the edge to something in another pole AOE, and it links all together. Zero thought and effort required other than getting things in a general vicinity. (Ignoring the "lockdown" that platforms do when you plug them around.) Convenient, sure. But takes almost no planning, and has no charm. Extrapolate the other way- every plug is directional. Bases are frankly almost a pain to set up, splitters and extensions become worth using. You have to plan stuff out and make sure things have power. Probably... somewhere in the middle is optimal. Having a few premium devices that use bidirectional connections, but default platforms use directional plugs. Perhaps an upgrade item that deploys into a platform and upgrades the plugs? You place it on a platform and unpack it, it animates, sinks in, and despawns, and the plugs upgrade. A nearly optional item sink, simply trading materials for convenience. Absorbing player time into (hopefully) interesting planning. That IS the point of any game- absorbing player time in an entertaining manner. Astroneer certainly doesn't do this via the usual stopgap of wanton murder, but base planning is a very good option. Along with resource gathering.
  8. TehSmoo

    Extenders vs Splitter

    Yessss, and if you have a centralized power area, you have designed the base to have one. It requires a little bit of brainpower and presents the player with the question "how do I best design this base to meet my needs?" Instead of just "make a bunch of platforms and cross-connect everything without thinking at all."
  9. TehSmoo

    Extenders vs Splitter

    This is precisely why I think that most platform plugs should be unidirectional. It would make people actually think about their planning, and design the base. Instead of just spamming platforms everywhere and putting anything anywhere.
  10. TehSmoo

    beacons are kind of useless

    Already solved in Planet Nomads: beacons can be taken off map/compass. Having a visual-only thing off in the distance would probably work fine in Astroneer. And one at your base that you can always see would be very very nice. Or give that function to habitats or something?
  11. TehSmoo

    Do away with teathers

    You're missing the point. The details don't matter. Only the effect and work needed to achieve that effect matters. Machine, or just a button, has the same drawbacks. Computer programs (games) are VERY good at certain things, and VERY bad at others. What happens when: The machine or tether function goes out of the region around the player where the map is loaded? The thing is aimed at a 1000-tether line stretching across the planet? The thing hits a circle? The thing hits a massive branching interconnected web of tethers? The devs can't just design a thing that works on "easy" cases- they need to take into account that (at least some) players WILL try and push everything to the utter limit. And if that results in a locked-up game, or a crash, or major dysfunction, that is unacceptable. They need to design something that will work in every possible case, or at least fail gracefully. And if it is easy to break the thing, people WILL blame the developer rather than just designing things in a non-silly fashion. Look at most building games. Many players keep things reasonable. Some, though, make ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE spaceships, or make everything with the MAXIMUM blocks, weapons, etc. All stretching off into the sunset and doing physics to each other. And when that breaks, the developer gets criticized.
  12. That's a gun. That is the exact definition of a gun.
  13. I wonder. How would this affect base building, if platform plugs defaulted to one-directional, like the extenders and vehicle plugs? So instead of just connecting everything at random to anything else, you have to plan more. And for bidirectional platforms, you would need either a huge loop, or two plugs per platform. It would be annoying, yes. But would the additional restriction make it tricky enough to build bases, while not being too annoying? Maybe not the initial habitat. PROBABLY not the initial habitat, really. And this opens up another base item- like the switch, except when plugged into platforms, it provides bidirectional power. Put it down the tech tree a ways.
  14. TehSmoo

    Hostile Entity

    Hostile fauna makes things very predictable- an arms race between astronaut and critters. Or the planet is untenable. Or the fauna is pointless. Maybe both. Plus- there's already plenty of survival games with critters. And guns. Osiris, Empyrion, Eden Star, Ark, and more. Games WITHOUT guns are more memorable. Accepting a restriction spurs creativity.