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  1. Now the game says that it is a game of industry, so I think that having the ability to create roads from a resorce would be nice. It would help in establishing set paths that have been explored and now need to be looted for resources. Scaffolding, ladders/ elevators work for severasl reasons. One could build a base upwards or down. It would also provide (if the player had enough resorces) the ability realy make exploring and mining caverns a more or less planed aproch. Warter, I know that this might be one of those things that sounds cool, but is a coding nightmare. It is just that water would help devide land masses, and provide obsticals and boundries in the form of rivers and lakes. That is if you never want the player to craft items such as boats or subs. As for the more part, I think the idea of herds of animals or at the least a robotic companion that can perform task such as scouting for resources could be interesting.