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  1. Wary Explorer

    there a point to use vehicles

    I don't know man. I have put in a ton of hours on xbox and never once had a rover de-spawn on me. I have turned myself around just running off a few yards and couldn't remember how to get back. I have had object fall to the caverns beneath me...I have had rovers sink into the ground while I'm using the terrain tool to flatten earth or fill in areas...but never just de-spawn.
  2. Wary Explorer

    there a point to use vehicles

    never had that happen. They could have "fallen" to the cavern beneath you. Dig around and check for a cavern under you.
  3. Wary Explorer


    Splitters are also a problem because if you do split the power and one side of the split, such as research, finishes the splitter will not let the power redirect to the other side. I tried using it several months ago to keep my smelter from hogging all the power so my research could run at 100%. Problem was, when research was done I was wasting 50% of my power since the splitter would not redirect it.
  4. Wary Explorer

    Loading things into the new Extra large shredder

    I haven't had a problem picking up the damaged medium rover on XBOX. Is this a PC issue?
  5. Wary Explorer

    Storage question for noob

    No they will stay put. Everyone has a pile of stuff...some people dig several holes and have several piles of stuff
  6. Wary Explorer


    We have asked for that in the past so many times. I feel like our mining tool now has a bit of that. Hovering over a spot that you are currently digging now gives the symbol of that resource. Even if we had a wider area with a direction indicator...of course that would leave out the splitter getting some usefulness. But it is frustrating when you are looking for a resource early game...and knowing you are walking over it a hundred times trying to find a visible vein somewhere else.
  7. Wary Explorer

    How to find old-timer Astroneers.

    If they tell you how awesome it was when we had storms. When they tell you Barren was the best place to build a base because of no storms. Actually I do miss driving into caves and building my bases there.
  8. Wary Explorer

    Extra Large Shredder

    I agree the news of an extra large shredder had us all excited about that one day when it would happen...and then it did, but it didn't.
  9. Wary Explorer


    I have rarely used the splitters...more out of curiosity than functionality. Extenders though I pretty much use every game. Putting power on top of the hill right next to you will get me more sunlight especially if you use the extra large platform B's back to back or drop a couple of large platform B's on an angle.
  10. Wary Explorer

    April Update.....................

    Kid Rock reference?
  11. Wary Explorer

    New updates are... Somewhat concerning.

    I'm kinda used to the bugs we have. Having something fall through the ground isn't the end of the game for me. Lag is more of a concern for me, rendering performance, that kind of stuff. I am all about the content coming after release. No game is perfect and "stable enough" is the goal which is very subjective. We should not get too hung up on the bugs...they will always be a part of the game just like any other game. Battlefront 2 kicks you out of some games, XCOM 2 can't pick up an unconcious soldier sometimes, and any game you pick has some bugs. I do want to be able to have a save for a long time that can be worked on for months and eventually that will happen.
  12. Wary Explorer

    game now impossible to do anything

    I did that landing on Barren. Had to dig to a cavern to get resources. Good news is you can get off planet again and it is a fun challenge to do it. But I managed to power a small generator I made with organic found until I was able to build a smelter and smelt some malachite. That was quite the challenge to get back to Terran but very fun.
  13. Wary Explorer

    Mini Map/ Hud compass

    Closest thing we have right now on the Road map is cartography.
  14. Wary Explorer

    Ground vehicles should have headlights

    Mine do. Attach a medium storage to the front of the vehicle. Put a work light on either side of the storage.
  15. I can see wanting to fold flat such as on a platform B in the middle where it would be easier to see what resources are on the storage. Same is true on large storage modules with mediums on it. I end up turning them sideways to look at or even store resources since it is easier to put them where you want.