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  1. Wary Explorer

    Only time will tell

    crazy numbers both of you.
  2. Wary Explorer

    Only time will tell

    Reviving an old thread... 10 months later what are you sitting at on hours played? I'm not at home so I can't look at the moment...very curious to see what @The Touch of Grey Gamer is at now.
  3. Wary Explorer

    Would you buy merch?

    As cool as all that sounds...and believe it does sound cool how many people would really buy the more expensive items? Night stands are going to cost a bit more than a water bottle and they would need some kind of volume to make it worth while. We have some seriously talented individuals (remember the guy making astroneers?) If they can work out the licensing, let the players go nuts and keep 100% of the revenue. Astroneer gets free advertising on every product.
  4. Wary Explorer

    Lost in game and stuck!

    If you die you will go back to base...without your rover and trailer. You could then build another rover and trailer and go hunting for your old one. When you find it you can attach them to your current rover and pull all 4 rovers to your base. To get out of a hole build a ramp up using your terrain tool. Do not do this too close to your rover or you will bury it (bug). Watch a youtube video here from OneLastMidnight if you need to know how to do it.
  5. Wary Explorer

    Spelunking tips

    I did pull off my batteries and wind turbines, added another RTG. I get having all your smeltables on the same silos and having one resource per silo does make it much easier to organize afterwards. I have trouble seeing with those large silos so close to the front rover so I don't have one there, might be an XBOX issue...and putting one on the back although functional just looks wrong. Having a silo hanging off the large silo pointing down would be like 20 feet under the ground...but no problems moving. Just doesn't seem right so I just put a large storage on the back and turned it sideways. It makes me sick to trade for ammonium but I can't seem to find a large deposit right now. I experimented this morning with a drill mod on the front of the rover trying to blaze my own path in the cave I have been exploring on foot. It is just clunky with the bug that you can't drive and drill at the same time so it isn't worth the headaches. When are we going to get a bug patch for this? So frustrating.
  6. Wary Explorer

    Spelunking tips

    *puffs up chest* Oh yeah! Aww heck I know I can't compete with you...but I do have another silo of 24 titanium. I have B storages...are you questioning why I'm using them? I bring the smelter to well...smelt all the ore in between trips to the cave so when I arrive back at base everything is ready to be used. I know it isn't required but especially now with so much storage I can be gone for hours before coming back full. Centrifuge can be used to get lots of scrap. I create resin, print medium storage and shred it. Same thing when I run across a resin deposit. Lots of scrap. I'm not sure why you wouldn't have the shredder unless you don't use scrap.
  7. Wary Explorer

    Cave problems

    I always use my terrain tool and create a slope down to the area I need to get. You need to have a soil canister with soil so you can do this. Then just create a slope and angle it however you want. I spend a ton of time in caves as well and this is how I get around.
  8. Wary Explorer

    Spelunking tips

    Ideas for spelunking. What do you have? When I am "empty" going into a cave I have 7 slots already filled on my backpack.I Typically carry a soil canister, a small battery, a work light, oxygen tank, booster mod, wide mod and tethers or a compound. Depending on where I am I may also have a drill mod. Collecting large amounts of anything in a cave requires several trips topside that can take quite a bit of time if you are deep in a cave. I have started taking a medium silo with me to add 24 slots to my capacity. Takes a while longer to get anywhere but allows me to really work an area before having to go topside to get another empty silo. Sometimes I can clear enough of a path to take a tractor and 3 trailors. The inibitor mod is great for removing obstacles without deforming the ground. This is my rover train from early this weekend after a run. I've since added several more medium silos to the large silos after a trip to Glacio for titanite. Insane carrying capacity but now my rover train looks like a couple of Octopus' have jumped it. . I saw on another thread people talking about not having an oxygenator on your rovers...I always have one so I can explore caves.
  9. Wary Explorer

    Finding the Lunar Module

    A lot of the discussion iis buried in the Lunar Update thread but I'm separating this out to help others find the Lunar Module. Here is how I found it on Desolo, the moon of your starting planet Sylva. Launch in orbit around Desolo. Wait for daylight if it isn't already Start looking at the debri on the planet The Lunar Module will have a bronze base with a white top. It is very small but can be distinguished from other debri. I floated around Desolo for several minutes until I could pick out what "might be" the module. I have some pictures that I took: First picture look down from the three white fireworks balls and to the left. The debri there is the module. Second picture is a better look at the module. Above and to the left of the landing area. Third picture is what it looks like in the dark. This picture is misleading. What light you see coming off the lunar module was only there a second or two. I really could not pick it out of the landscape until I saw it in the daylight. I'm fairly certain the light you see was just the reflection of the sun there. My suggestion is to float around the moon long enough to figure out some likely targets and then check them out. I tried driving around the moon for 40 minutes and never found it...and ti was very close to my base.
  10. Wary Explorer

    Lunar Update

    I haven't found it yet but now that I know we can look from orbit I'll try again. I think I spent around 45 minutes trying to find it yesterday just by driving around the moon.
  11. Wary Explorer

    there a point to use vehicles

    I don't know man. I have put in a ton of hours on xbox and never once had a rover de-spawn on me. I have turned myself around just running off a few yards and couldn't remember how to get back. I have had object fall to the caverns beneath me...I have had rovers sink into the ground while I'm using the terrain tool to flatten earth or fill in areas...but never just de-spawn.
  12. Wary Explorer

    there a point to use vehicles

    never had that happen. They could have "fallen" to the cavern beneath you. Dig around and check for a cavern under you.
  13. Wary Explorer


    Splitters are also a problem because if you do split the power and one side of the split, such as research, finishes the splitter will not let the power redirect to the other side. I tried using it several months ago to keep my smelter from hogging all the power so my research could run at 100%. Problem was, when research was done I was wasting 50% of my power since the splitter would not redirect it.
  14. Wary Explorer

    Loading things into the new Extra large shredder

    I haven't had a problem picking up the damaged medium rover on XBOX. Is this a PC issue?
  15. Wary Explorer

    Storage question for noob

    No they will stay put. Everyone has a pile of stuff...some people dig several holes and have several piles of stuff