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  1. My main save keeps crashing. I have been trying to save at my base on Sylva before exiting. This has failed the last two times and the game crashes. I saw above that someone suggested saving at the satellite. I will try that. Hate to lose all my progress. The problem though is I basically cannot visit my base on Sylva unless I do it without the shuttle since entering it will cause the game to crash.
  2. Yeah you must have missed something. Tons of updates. I doubt you could do anything without struggle today from half a year ago.
  3. I don't think it is just when saving from the menu. I always enter my rover when saving and lost 20-30 minutes on 2 different occasions this last weekend. Now I'm entering the rover and saving from the menu in hopes that one of those will work.
  4. +1 Even solo and exploring I have to get out, build a ramp, or remove a rock, or something else in the way, then hop in the vehicle and wait 20 seconds...rinse and repeat. Need a better way.
  5. one medium silo with 24 small batteries will open most gateways. 6 more either on another silo will open the rest. Making silos isn't early game either. Whether it is a large or medium you need ores that come from off planet. However, kudos for making content! Any and all ideas appreciated. I have always undervalued medium generators.
  6. I saw quite a few this weekend while opening gateways. Everytime there were three. I haven't run across any 2 or 1 of just the bouncy triangle drops.
  7. We are supposed to get a roadmap update this week. My wild guess is they are giving us an exploration update that has the jet pack hence the name. Joe did say the update was so big they had to split it up so we are getting I think a section of the larger update that only deals with exploration. Seems logical at least. I have played Ark: Survival Evolved No idea what the leeks are. I think they were too small for us to get a solid foundation of what they are. Small habitat doesn't make sense...nobody has asked for it. A larger non-portable RTG would be nice so that's what I'm hoping for. No idea what that tier 1 node on the top would be for though. Large generator maybe?
  8. Translates to 731 hours. TToGG you double my hours....like literally double my hours. Just saying... I did take a break for a few months in there but still. Wow.
  9. Reviving an old thread... 10 months later what are you sitting at on hours played? I'm not at home so I can't look at the moment...very curious to see what @The Touch of Grey Gamer is at now.
  10. As cool as all that sounds...and believe it does sound cool how many people would really buy the more expensive items? Night stands are going to cost a bit more than a water bottle and they would need some kind of volume to make it worth while. We have some seriously talented individuals (remember the guy making astroneers?) If they can work out the licensing, let the players go nuts and keep 100% of the revenue. Astroneer gets free advertising on every product.
  11. If you die you will go back to base...without your rover and trailer. You could then build another rover and trailer and go hunting for your old one. When you find it you can attach them to your current rover and pull all 4 rovers to your base. To get out of a hole build a ramp up using your terrain tool. Do not do this too close to your rover or you will bury it (bug). Watch a youtube video here from OneLastMidnight if you need to know how to do it.
  12. I did pull off my batteries and wind turbines, added another RTG. I get having all your smeltables on the same silos and having one resource per silo does make it much easier to organize afterwards. I have trouble seeing with those large silos so close to the front rover so I don't have one there, might be an XBOX issue...and putting one on the back although functional just looks wrong. Having a silo hanging off the large silo pointing down would be like 20 feet under the ground...but no problems moving. Just doesn't seem right so I just put a large storage on the back and turned it sideways. It makes me sick to trade for ammonium but I can't seem to find a large deposit right now. I experimented this morning with a drill mod on the front of the rover trying to blaze my own path in the cave I have been exploring on foot. It is just clunky with the bug that you can't drive and drill at the same time so it isn't worth the headaches. When are we going to get a bug patch for this? So frustrating.