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  1. Could combine with my idea maybe....
  2. I often play the game with a stream on a second monitor, it would be cool if you could bind something like Control+S to quickly mute and unmute the game. Also, it would be cool if i could limit the game to 20 fps when it's in the background, so my pc can relax if i jump into my house and wait for 15 minutes until some research finishes. Limiting the game top fps so i can avoid tearing when the game goes above the refresh rate of my monitor.
  3. Id love to be able to make notes, so that whenever im exploring multiple caves, i can set up a sign, write something like "checked 2 first floors, lots of malachite on the last floor" Maybe you could be able to make notes on teathers, and maybe they would change color if they have a note on them….
  4. Whenever i find some ore, and i want to mine, i find myself wanting to scan the area, if there was some item that if you powered it up, it could send out a pulse, and let you see the nearby minerals for a little while. If you find a research sample in the end of a long path, you could scan to see if there is more around. If you are digging a long tunnel, you can scan, and see if there is anything nearby… Should probably be something that takes some effort to keep using, so you cant spam it, but if it takes power…. lets say you would have to charge a battery full to send out a couple of pulses...