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  1. At this point I have destroyed every chem lab I created and the game seems to be running smoother. I am unsure why this occurred
  2. I created a large base on Sylva with alot of automation, about 12 chem labs and a whole lot of large containers and other fun things. At first the game would crash every so often and then it started crashing every few minutes, and now it wont even load into the server. I have had the admin reboot the server and am going to see if this helps.
  3. I have every suit and color pallet but when I started my game up this evening, all the suits, all the pallets were locked again.
  4. I was driving the tractor and my screen suddenly went black and I was loaded into the space station. With no way to exit or go planet side. When i restarted the game i lost everything and it took me a while to relaunch from the station.
  5. I attempted to shred a thruster i found on the planet. The large shredder accepts it but no animation occurs, and no scrap is provided. The thruster does go away.