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  1. I was just about to report this, absolutley need a hand break or just have the vehicle not move when no one is driving ! At least the rover doesn't kill you when it starts rolling on it's own ^^
  2. +1 to persistent compass, it annoying to exit veichle every time i want to check if i'm going in the right direction
  3. This happens to my friend on PC as well. Second player has the following issues: Can't see what material is needed for backpack crafting Can't place anything on top of vehicles. (he can remove them but can not place them on top again, but he can put a seat in the frontal storage position of the vehicles)
  4. MAINLY I find kinda sad that the "unknown objects" that are for "research purposes" ( ? ) have no more purpose once you have completed all the available research.... a farming sistem that will give a new purpose to the unkown objects that have to be researched because once you have researched everything they are usless and occupy a lot of space END-GAME: I would like to see bigger, more expensive end-game buildings, ecc (ex: a galss shpere to put around the camp a huge elevator to reach some player built sky bases or underground tunnels ? Like an elevator that can bring rovers up to the skybase or something. An extremely super rare material that has increased chance the deeper you go into the tunnels....idk I really need something to farm at this point Also don't hate but.... what about an MMO server for pure chaos ? Great game ! give me more of it ! Edit: minor corrections