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  1. Repro steps Create storage platform Attach storage sensor Set the storage sensor to Full/Empty with it set "waiting to be full" Fill the storage with EMPTY soil canisters Notice that once full, the storage sensor doesn't trigger If you repeat these steps with FULL soil canisters the storage sensor will trigger as expected. <3 Carto
  2. Made some more progress last night, found out we had to build the power distribution network in a tree as a linear fashion was inefficient. Currently farming a ton of ceramic to make 16 large storages and then I'll need 64 medium storages as well. Once this is all done I'll start working with the terrain to figure out a cool design to "park" all these platforms into. Right now I just want easy access to all the power nodes so adjustments are easy and I can understand the best method of assembly.
  3. Ya know...if there really are exactly 42, my respect for the dev team is now even higher than it already was lol
  4. Ah, nah sorry just meant good old "gathering" farming. BUT, I did it via the soil centrifuge and a sulfur farm on Atrox
  5. The additional storage, having built in battery power, and the ability to adjust power flow on a per rover basis really makes this a highly tunable setup. Sure it's expensive, and time consuming but man, I'm having fun with it so far lol Pardon the mess, was excited and snapped screen shots as soon as I had it all working lol
  6. Decided to finally unlock and farm a bunch of dynamite as it was pretty chill and it let me talk to chat. Few hours later I ended up with a fully stacked rover, which we then unleashed on a mountain lul
  7. I feel like I can pretty much unlock everything in the game inside of a 60-90 minute play session. I know there is a balance between being demoralizing in terms of pace and just handing it out but I just feel like it all goes by too quick. Would be cool if things like the large spaceship, rover, etc were 4-5 times more expensive and the research items on the starting planet capped at X research. This would force the player to build a small shuttle to go to other planets in order to get research that is worth more. Then with the large spaceship you could go to even further planets to get even more valuable research. I feel like there is a foundation for a very solid progression system, it just isn't there quite yet. All that said, loving the game and excited for the future