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  1. Adam XboxTransfer

    Atmosphere Color Tundra

    Just wanted to suggest a change to the atmosphere color of tundra. The planet used to be my favorite planet because it was so pretty. Now with the red atmosphere it seems less friendly. I hope one of the planets in the Final game has a green atmosphere.
  2. Adam XboxTransfer

    Survival Mode suggestion

    Ok so While I was watching Z1's video I was thinking this would be a really cool survival mode. I really like the idea of being able to chose which planet you start on for survival mode (or possible randomly generated). But something akin to the chair glitch would have to be available. Like a astronomer plane or jet pack. You guys addressed that you would add some replacement for this glitch in the video below. But I thought if no one had mentioned it this type of survival would be interesting. The Z1 video I was referring too
  3. Adam XboxTransfer

    Base Building final step

    thanks Blind Io
  4. Adam XboxTransfer

    Base Building final step

    So the terrain tool is super amazing and it makes the game so fun but I have one complaint. It is WAY to hard to create perfectly flat surfaces and 90 degree angles. I wish there was a mod that would force my terrain tool to make a flat surface and allow me to make a 90 degree angle with a wall. if you guys added this it would make it actually reasonable to create a good looking base
  5. I'm sure you guys remember the open one seat glitch that allowed players to fly around the world by entering and picking up the seat at the same time. For me at least the new UI, which is amazing, that makes you hold down Y to interact or hold down X to enter a seat (xbox one btw) has made it impossible or just extremely hard to do the chair glitch anymore. I know you guys said it was not a huge priority but do you have any idea when you could be adding a replacement version of this back into the game? I know there was some idea for a hopper or jetpack.