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  1. He appreciated... It's not like is going to do it, or at least not an exact copy... That was not the idea from the beginning... to be honest I was playing at 4am a little stoned I would add... XD and in one time that I restarted the game, I started looking to the menu and I said "ok that's enough! this need to change" and that was it... I tough it was ok and then I've shared... for Adam to replay to me it was more then I was expecting, I do stuff like this all the time and usually is just what it is... a post, some likes, some comments and that's it... But yeah I think - maybe - he will have some of the design in consideration or get inspired in something totally different... Anyway for having him replying just made my day XD I really like the style and the vibes o SES...
  2. Thanks @TMarcher74 , Adam as already seen the concepts I've posted it on a group page in Facebook, he replied there
  3. 🤣@TMarcher74, @Marcin7667 andt to all for the nice comments... Maybe system era will hire me after this little effort 🤣
  4. Hi, The Touch of Grey Gamer... Glad you enjoyed it I'm not that regular here... but is this a thing? "More acceptance/recognition by SES" I had the idea that they where listening to the community kind of regularly...
  5. Hello guys, So I got bored and I decided to mess around with something that was bugging me about Astroneer since launch, that being the main menu and subjacent menus. I always felt that around all of the interfaces and aesthetics within the game, the main menu was one that felt a little bit off... So I create something that I could visualize as an approach to what I think it could be a more cohesive version on this interface and perhaps give some ideas of improvement (or not xd)... Mostly it was just for fun, it's nice to mess with this kind of stuff in a game that a like so much... Cheers to you all!!!
  6. That's a really interesting concept...
  7. SrMIzuki

    Redesign Research Catalog

    Probably the D-Pad should move to the left side too... I think it would be more intuitive, due to the fact that would relate more to the elements that the D-Pad is actually controlling... I really love the designs of almost all of Astroneer objects, but there are a few of them that bug's me a little bit mostly in the UI/UX aspects... glad that you liked it
  8. Hey guys, I've been for some time bordered with one object of the game, that object being the Research Catalog. So today I've decided to try doing what would say it could be an "improved version of it" (in my perspective anyway...) Maybe it goes a little bit against the overall design in which this type of objects are implemented in the game, but anyway, it was fun to play with it... Please tell me your thoughts.