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    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    It's not understandable to me to be sold something that doesn't work, and then over a month after the release of it it STILL doesn't work. I am playing on xbox one x, online with a friend on PC who is hosting it, works on PC doesn't work on xbox. It is literally in an unplayably-bad state. Why should we be so understanding? What about this situation is OK? comparing System Era to some other shit studios who release broken games doesn't make this suddenly alright... How do you know they will make it playable? it hasn't been fully playable ONCE in it's entire development history, and there are NO other games this studio has released to look at to see their pedigree. What reason do I have to assume that it will be fixed anytime soon? To remind everyone. i LOVE this game, bought it like close to 2 years ago, but i haven't ONCE gotten to experience it properly online, and even in single player its not great, but completely broken online all i want to do it FUCKING PLAY IT AS ADVERTISED WITHOUT IT CHUGGING TO THE POINT OF BEING DETRIMENTAL TO THE EXPERIENCE. a little bit of lag i could handle but it is literally not playable. Takes a fun game and makes it a piece of fucking shit that is incredibly frustrating. I couldn't suggest ANYONE buy this game in good conscious. me n my buddy literally check back every single week too, like wasting time on our fucking friday night every week booting this up to see if its even playable. do the developers REALLY think that everyone will be this leniant? I feel like a fucking chump
  2. Mark Pedersen

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    So how many MONTHS after release will the game actually be playable? Does that seem fair? Is there a roadmap currently for when these game breaking issues will finally be dealt with? A few bugs is fine, and expected, but the game is literally unplayable on xbox with friends, and its been like this for over a month so far, at times getting even worse with patches. Haven't tried the newest patch yet but based on some of these comments it sounds like its still broken on xbox. Just wondering when ill be able to play with a friend in the the game I bought over a year ago and supported through early access. Don't mean to be rude but seriously this release is just disrespectful. why wasn't this game kept in early access until it worked? i don't understand why it was released when it so clearly doesn't work on xbox.
  3. Mark Pedersen

    Game crashes when I try to join friend

    I am having the same issue with a friend and we are also trying to do cross play. I am on an Xbox one X and he's on his PC. We've played with this setup before but haven't played since the build before 0.8. Every time we try to join each other it goes black screen and closes the app instantly. But the game is working fine otherwise it seems when playing solo. Haven't tried playing with each other on the same platform yet to see if that resolves it, but we much prefer using cross play so we may not play until the next patch.