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  1. Shakenbake393

    Secret 3D mode?

    For anyone who may see find themselves looking at this, I seemed to have gotten rid of it by uninstalling the NVIDIA 3D drivers (thanks Discord admin MrSpicy).
  2. Shakenbake393

    Secret 3D mode?

    I'm not really sure what to do about this one.
  3. Shakenbake393

    PC to XBOX ONE

    Yeah, but when I'm on there, the Microsoft channel is always dead lol Good call, they approved the refund. See you on Steam!
  4. Shakenbake393

    PC to XBOX ONE

    Policy is must be under 2 hours of gameplay and I'm waaaaay past that. I'll prob repurchase later on, seems to be a better Steam community. Thanks
  5. Shakenbake393

    PC to XBOX ONE

    Is it possible to exchange my Windows version for Steam? I didn't think that one through.
  6. Shakenbake393

    Winch improvement

    The winch is great, but I'd like to see it have better functionality with control over the length of cable. It tends to pull whatever I'm hauling too close to my rover and causing scenes that can be both frustrating and hilarious(I've had a few flips due to it's slinky-like nature). If there was a way to control it like an actual winch by spooling it to any desired length(within it's limit of course) and then winding it back up on command, that'd be a great improvement.
  7. Shakenbake393

    how exactly do you move debris to the shredder...

    I find it best to start over after every update. The new changes seem to add problems to old saves. I had the shredder on a platform A and just dragged it around with the winch to each area with salvage. It's a bit buggy, but also hilarious watching the rover and platform spring around like some sort of awkward slinky. It's probably best to attach the shredder to med/large rover.
  8. Shakenbake393

    New Attachments for the Crane

    Really just anything to make more use of the crane. The winch sort of compensates for it, but picking up large items and moving with the crane would add so many more options.
  9. Shakenbake393

    New Attachments for the Crane

    I did a little searching and didn't come up with much, but please forgive me if there is a thread for this. I think the crane could be super useful if we had more than just a drill for attaching. I find myself in situations where a claw attachment(or something similar like maybe a heavy duty magnet) would be amazing. Perhaps some sort of grinder could be added for taking down plant life/trees(yes, the drill can basically do it by taking out the ground underneath, but it'd be cool to take out plant life without disturbing the ground). The trees could become it's own material. Are there specific plans for additional attachments for the crane?
  10. Shakenbake393

    Nintendo Switch Version? Any current plans?

    Currently playing on PC and I would 100% buy this on switch.
  11. Shakenbake393

    Large storage didn't attach

    I haven't found any solutions yet, so figured I should post. I built a large storage onto a medium rover and it fell off and 'broke' into two pieces, the main storage and some sort of circle thing that looks like a mount. I can't move either of them with mouse or crane, so they are just sitting there. Is there a fix and what must be done to prevent it?