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  1. I found a small item with flat top and bottom but rounded sides, in white, with red spot on top. It's tagged as researchable but the research workstation does not recognize it. Neither will the shredder recognize it to shred it. Any idea what we can do with it apart from playing kickaround with it lol?
  2. I found where the game stores the save files and tried to rename (renumber) one with limited success. Reason for renaming save files: old saves pre latest update deleted but only after I had started a new save file, which took slot 5 (save file number 4). What I did: Rename save file 4 to be save file 0 (to take slot 1 in game instead of slot 5) Issue: I load slot 1 to play just fine but when I save it to exit it saves to slot 5. I have to assume there's another place to rename to make it save to slot 1? I would appreciate help here. Thanks