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  1. I’m not sure if that clears the cache. It’s supposedly fixed in 9.0 but everytime I play the same save I can never get my progress to save even when I save multiple times in rovers or the exo habitat.
  2. I downloaded Astroneer about 1 week ago and about two days after I started playing my game it began crashing after I tried to save my progress with any habitat or vehicle. I’ve tried clearing my Xbox’s cache but nothing has worked. So now I haven’t really been able to play the game. If anyone knows how to fix this please help. Thanks
  3. Everytime I play astroneer I can play for awhile and save just fine ,but for some reason if I’ve been playing for a long time, if I enter a vehicle or habitat to save progress it says game saved then crashes and no progress is saved l. I’ve encountered this issue several times and have lost several hours of valuable playing time because of this issue.