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  1. handofthesly

    Sliding in Vehicles

    This has amused me many times! Ive posted about this before in version 0.8 so I’ll link it here in case devs want to merge them. Funny how it’s still in the current update but I guess it’s not a priority fix.
  2. handofthesly

    Frontier Houses for Frontier Astroneers

    +1 Brilliant idea for the compacted soil bricks. I'm always wishing their was a more modular way of making a base instead of haphazardly spraying dirt everywhere 😂 I can also imagine now with the addition of plastic in the next updates that we will eventually be able to build structures and building blocks with the same visual style currently in the game. Also, I love the layout of your post! Very professional.
  3. Great idea! Changing augments is very time consuming and cumbersome. One big ol' +1 from me
  4. I love R&C too, great games. There’s just something special about the Sly series for me though.
  5. That green research thing goes even more spastic in space when it’s attached to your shuttle! It stretches even more and you can see the little attachment point thingie.
  6. handofthesly

    Map / GPS system

    Definitely not opposed to the idea of a map system of some sort. Even if it’s used in conjunction with the beacons and possibly the GPS satellite idea. I’m thinking of a panel/screen that opens out of the backpack, similar to the research catalog, but it would only work once you have launched the GPS satellite to pick up on the beacons you have placed. That way it doesn’t make the beacons redundant. It would basically show where your beacons are as blips like on a radar, so it’s not super detailed or anything.
  7. handofthesly

    Jump Packs, Jet packs, Or levitation pads

    +1 to the jet pack idea. My idea is that you can craft a small attachment, similar to the terrain tool augments, that you place on a new bottom slot on the backpack below the crafting area. This allows you to jump higher and further than normal which would be really helpful for jumping over those chasms. Nothing too overpowered, just enough to jump over those big gaps. Either powered through the backpack and power cells or hydrazine fuel canisters.
  8. I thought enclosed seats were for the shuttles, so the door automatically stays open when you land and are on the ground. Im not 100% but I had a feeling the open seats still protected you from storms? Can anyone verify this?
  9. handofthesly

    Tether Idea

    I get lost all of the time 😆 part of the game I guess. An idea I like that others have suggested is a way to change the colour of the tethers, so you could leave the standard colour as the main line back to the surface and then change the colour of the lines that branch off.
  10. handofthesly


    Unfortunately there’s no way around this ther than creating a new platform and vehicle bay! There’s definitely a need for the ability to remove unpacked modules. I’d rather it was just something we could do rather than another augment attachment for the terrain tool or backpack.
  11. handofthesly


    Sounds like fun! Would be very helpful to form a direct path down to the titanium deposits for the crane to then mine up
  12. handofthesly

    Salvage to large to Scrap

    Yup I haven’t figured out how to do this yet either. Maybe a future update they will add a gas cutting axe to break up larger salvage into smaller shreddable pieces?
  13. handofthesly

    Very funny graphic bug. Orange slice planet.

    Have been encountering this as well on Steam version 0.9
  14. Seen this as well on Steam version 0.9 on Window s 10 64 bit. Some of the slices even passed through the planet I was on!
  15. handofthesly

    Does recources and plants grow???

    I think after the 0.9 update it respawned plants and some ores which affected my old save a bit too.