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  1. +1 Drills on vehicles are a nightmare to control and it is near impossible to form nice, straight tunnels. The camera is always fighting with the ceiling of the tunnel and you can't tell what angle you are drilling at so a 1st person mode may remedy this somewhat. Definitely agree with suggestions to remove the pitch angle (up/down) from the camera controls. Instead, have the ability to lock the angle at your desired point and drill! Also agree to have the option to set the roll angle (lean left/right) including true flat, have it lockable too so they aren't changing all the time. If it's too difficult to achieve precise 1 degree increments then maybe have both pitch and roll with set 30 degree increments. This would give us the ability to at least make 30 and 60 degree ramps which I think the vehicles can travel up & down ok.
  2. A feature that I would like very much to see would be icons for each of the ores/resources as options for the Beacons. With the very limited range of colours available at the moment, the screen can quickly become clogged with a disarray of blue and green dots. This can lead to confusion and Astroneers potentially getting lost as they try to follow their beacons home. If there were more options for icons & symbols then the player would have more flexibility and more confidence in locating points of interest and ores. Below I have quickly thrown together an example for the ores, each ores beacon has the symbol for that particular ore making it easier for players to go back and find that big patch of Compound or what have you. I couldn't decide which of the two looked better, the original while outlined bubble or the inverse colours so I included both.
  3. Interesting. Thanks for that, I haven't started a new game to check that yet. Still, I don't see why they'd give you the option to customise your character at the beginning but stop you from seeing it.
  4. Are we not meant to see our character any more in the Main Menu and New Game screens? How are we meant to know what each of the suits and colour palettes look like? Am I missing something or have I encountered a bug?
  5. Assuming you're trying to find your starter base on Terran, then try follow the big band of stars that are around the centre of the planet running in a East-West direction. That is generally where the first base is - somewhere along the East-West circumference of the planet. When using Beacons, it is recommended that you make several and place one down every time you are about to lose sight of the one before it. That way you have a chain of beacons to follow back home. And because Beacons only cost 1 raw Quartz the materials can be found as you are exploring and are easy enough to make from your backpack without needing a smelter.
  6. Sometimes depending on what side of the parent you are on at the time can prevent you from seeing the approach of the planet entirely. The option that sounds best imho is have something similar to the research catalog where you have a pop out screen from the backpack that displays the orbits of the planets. Nothing fancy, could even just be a basic display like the loading screen that shows the planets as dots rotating around in a circle. That way you can see whereabouts the planets are in relation to each other. Maybe have upgrades later on that tracks the speed/time until planet alignment etc.
  7. Cool idea, definitely would make the game more tense. In that case there would have to be the option of turning off every machine on the grid, especially the research chambers - currently if you manually stop the progress it deletes the research item and any points it has left. Although I suppose we can just unplug everything from the power source.
  8. The locations for the “artificial” research items haven’t really been documented as far as I’m aware. I don’t even know if there is a list of the different randomly generated structures and wrecks anywhere.The ones labeled as organic are pretty obvious as are the hostile and rocky ones.
  9. +1 Also, another thing that would be great that I think I saw someone say elsewhere, having the option of making the medium storage lay flat or stay folded up.
  10. Interesting topic, I for one have never really ever had a use for the shredders and trade platform. I find it boring and I normally just go out exploring to look for the resources I need anyway.
  11. Yes I believe the large storage requires a suitable platform, rover or shuttle to be printed on before you can hit the green button.
  12. The thrusters are printed at one of the printers, not at the vehicle bay.
  13. @icebird interesting concept, what are you planning on automating? The materials getting put into the machines and the finished product being pulled out and maybe materials being sorted into storage? That sort of thing? Try draw a flow diagram of your thought processes.
  14. I agree. In the mean time I’ve made it a habit now to not leave rovers parked at vehicle bays and to create a second vehicle bay a bit further away from my base with a beacon placed next to it so I can see it from space and know to land at that one.