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  1. Maybe a tier two table that had an 'astroneer periodic table' with a box for each element. It could be horizontal on a platform with the openings for the boxes facing up. You could get research points for putting elements in there, but only the first time you put an element in it. Therefore you could build one for each base but only the first time you put an element in one it gave you points. It could have an interface showing how to combine things in the chemistry lab, as opposed to the other backpack integrated research catalog which shows what resources you need to build a particular item.
  2. I think the color differentiation is good because even if you can mouse over it being able to visually see the difference is beneficial.
  3. +1 for an enclosed seat with a tier two slot on the back.
  4. I like the idea of having a road builder that has different settings: curves, straights, inclines, and circles, but not having power or lights built in...just a flat path not a wholly set up freeway.
  5. +1. Have them like tethers so they are bundled until used. Actually just have all canisters be inflatable until used...if a balloon can survive re-entry it can hold dirt.
  6. I agree with the part about adding ways for reducing the impact, like for example, if the forgotten tech from this post is added, a shield for stopping rock damage and reducing the slowed running speed would be cool. However, I think storms are part of the game so they shouldn't be able to be disabled.
  7. Maybe it is like a vehicle - You craft two "nodes", and then put one where you want the top to be and the other where you want the bottom, and "activate it" (like opening a module package). A rope can unfurl down to connect the two. Then there's a tier two slot facing perpendicular to the ground for an open one seat, suspended by the rope. You put a seat there and get in. Hold space to go up, and shift to go down (or w for up and s for down). If the seat is at the top and you are at the bottom (or visa versa) you can hold e on the node to make it come down. I will add a picture once
  8. Yeah I was going to suggest an expected 'progression' of planets-the gear you find on one helps with conditions on the next one, but then I didn't because the post got really long.
  9. +1 for the lawnmower idea +1 for "forgotten tech", but maybe only the ones that are planet specific - i.e. You find cold/heat/ radiation gear on the planet with those conditions
  10. I think that interestingly shaped worlds are a good idea, but within the extent of relatively normal physics.
  11. There is a game I play sometimes called Spaceflight Simulator. In it you can create a rocket from modular parts with different stages and such for getting out of the atmosphere and traveling the solar system. The flight is completely manual meaning all that it shows you is the trajectory of different moons, ships, and planets, and your ship. It also can show you where in your orbit/trajectory you need to accelerate to intercept a given object in space. If the spaceflight mechanics of that game were added to Astroneer it would make space travel much less mundane. Also, having the ability t
  12. +10 to different sized balloons, and we know there is an atmosphere because the gas pods' gas doesn't dissipate like it would in a vacuum