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  1. Hello there, Arm based processors are too the point that they can run almost anything. Qualcomm's Centriq 2400 would be an amazing performer in running Astroneer servers. Qualcomms snap dragon and apple m1 CPUs would also perform well if running Astroneer. There are already powerful GPUs for arm which can be found in modern devices such as the Oculus Quest 1/2 and High End mobile devices/laptops. I believe it is possible for Astroneer to support arm based processors at this current time period. Please give it a shot. UE4 has Arm Tools. Sincerly, Sienty
  2. Hello there, I am wondering if support for 120hz is possible? Also the game does not appear to run at even 60hz on the Series X of mine, just runs at 30 if anything. If support for 120hz is possible, please do it! Sincerly, Sienty
  3. I am asking the same question, I like using Mouse and Keyboard with my xbox series x. This should be done.
  4. Check and see if windows firewall is working. That is a common cause since it is needed for xbox live multiplayer
  5. Please make sure windows firewall is working on both private and public. It is a requirement for xbox game services to work with multiplayer.
  6. Hi, I am kinda known for running game servers on ARM based architectures and what fun would it be to have astroneer ARM server builds for that. If you are concerned about poor performance there wouldn't be since the PI 4B can be overclocked like I did to mine: My PI: CPU overclocked to 2Ghz (Can go higher) 4gb lpddr4 2400 gigabit ethernet to internet External Seagate onetouch SSD I have a minecraft server with a good amount of people and it holds just fine. That is why I think it would be possible to have an ARM build of the server client and that is the only device I have to run servers 24/7 -Sienty
  7. I'm sure we all know that the sandstorm is more of a lag-storm. But good idea!
  8. They would not add external music as people will try and give people copyrighted music and take them out. This happened to my friend who became a popular streamer and someone said they would "make" music for them. And he was banned from streaming and got good copyright strikes. -SientyHD
  9. Why not have it as a plugin, like in minecraft there can be server plugins for astroneer. Also bring astroneer server to arm64 for like raspberry pi. And maybe have the file extention: .astroplugin and have it like a compressed zip format?
  10. It would have been nice if it were possible but the Nintendo switch only has 4GB of LPDDR4 Ram which may not be enough to run Astroneer. Unless System Era optimizes the game to run on a switch but it might not happen. Otherwise good suggestion
  11. I had this issue but now its fixed. Spec: Intel 8250U@1.80/3.40Ghz Mlg stuff. :3
  12. Hi there, I was wondering if I could help by running servers on Astroneer, but I am wondering if it will use port forwarding and IP's? If so I will be able to use a domain on these Dedicated Servers. Also will the dedicated servers be cross-play with other devices such as win10, steam, Xbox and PS4? Sorry if this is the wrong spot for this.