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  1. GlumCashew8980_2018

    New Xbox 8K@120 HDR Support

    As you guys would know on E3. The new Xbox whats its name is coming out with so many cool features! Ray-Tracing, 8K, 120Fps. Could you guys make ASTRONEER support that? Or is there a limit in UE4?
  2. GlumCashew8980_2018

    Local SplitScreen

    Well unless they do a Ultimate performance update. That would be nice, Could that be on all platforms for split screen? Such as controllers linked to a PC?
  3. GlumCashew8980_2018

    VR support and First person.

  4. GlumCashew8980_2018

    VR support and First person.

    Vr support and First person Hello my friend wanted to do a suggestion for Vr support and first person camera. I would also like this idea to be added in the next update, including performance fixes as no one has been able to play with good performance. Um.
  5. GlumCashew8980_2018

    Xbox one s completely unplayable now

  6. GlumCashew8980_2018

    In menu music glitch.

    Hello I think you have a lot of fails in 1.0 launch Including a lot of other peoples posts and I did notice that the menu music was bugged. More that 1 song was playing at the same time, And the 'System era' logo does not show on my PC(Windows 10) anymore.
  7. Hi, I heard that there may be mod support soon? Why not a mod library where people can download Astroneer mods and they could have ratings? And developers can upload their mods for other people. No im not smart.
  8. GlumCashew8980_2018

    Time UI

    Why not a Clock module?
  9. Hi, will Astroneer be released on all devices? Nintendo, Apple, Android and Google(Google books)? And would all those devices have crossplay thru all those devices?
  10. GlumCashew8980_2018

    Atmosphere Color Tundra

    +1 White RGB: 255, 255, 255
  11. GlumCashew8980_2018

    Optimization challenge!

    Oh wait Astroneer already runs 35-40 FPS on my PC
  12. GlumCashew8980_2018

    Optimization challenge!

    Hello, for the 1.0 optimization. Do you think you guys can get Astroneer to run 40+ FPS on Intel 8250U and my L-Performance GPU Intel UHD Graphics 620? Just as something for you guys.
  13. GlumCashew8980_2018

    Dolby Atmos support.

    OOPs wrong tab sorry
  14. GlumCashew8980_2018

    Dolby Atmos support.

    Hello I have got Dolby Atmos on my pc which makes things unreal, like unreal engine?? Does unreal engine do Dolby Atmos??? No? Are you guys able to do Dolby Atmos support? That would be amazing experience!