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  1. Basically just what the title says @.@ Game process I thought was closed, but then I started having some system instabilities, and when I checked in process explorer apparently Astroneer was still open in the background, and had gobbled up 40 GB of ram o.o;; This looks just like what happened before periodically in-game, not sure why it chose today to happen on closing. No crash report to offer. :(
  2. This has the entertaining side effect of making packaged silos the most scrap-dense storage format in the entire game, and also enables people to shred titanium wholesale. Previously, shredding titanium necessarily invoked the chem lab, which decreases the value of the materials. Now there's a way around it =D Finally we won't have huge piles of titanium everywhere.
  3. it probably hasn't been pushed just yet
  4. I'm pretty sure if you could just flip a console setting to enable dev build stuff and debug info and cheats, everybody would be doing it by now. =P Worst you can really do by changing basic game constants is cheating, in the broader scheme of things, which isn't a big deal if that's how you want to play the game. We have a discord too? Just don't share leaks early if you can help it.
  5. Same problem here, lost at least a dozen rockets to this across several unique MP games. I've noticed sometimes the planet I'm in orbit around seems to be a tiny rounded cube, and other times it's in exquisite detail and I can open my backpack, but my items are invisible.
  6. When the game freezes, are you able to check Task Manager to see how much RAM the game is taking up? You might have a small window before the computer becomes frozen too I hope.
  7. You might need to put your batteries and the medium wind turbine on a platform instead of a vehicle. Specifically, any power production behind the extender-type connection will be used to fill the batteries that aren't full, and won't contribute to unlocking the gate at all. If you're on Sylva, you might be better off just collecting some compound nearby and making small generators to activate it. This is a problem a lot of people encounter with combining small batteries with other power sources behind extenders when activating gateways, but it isn't specifically a bug with the gateway since it happens in other situations when using extenders too. It's an order of operations thing. A good way to exemplify this phenomenon is by putting an RTG and four small batteries on a large B platform and plug it into a Gateway on Sylva through an extender. Every power update, the network will alternate between two states 1) All four batteries are <100% full, so all 4U/s of the RTG's power get consumed to fill the batteries, and since the batteries represent possible power output for the extender, the Gateway sees a total of 4 U/s. 2) Any or all batteries are =100%, so at least 1 U/s or more of the RTG's power output contributes to activating the Gateway, raising the power output above 4 U/s temporarily and causing the Gateway activation sound to begin playing. The result is that, in single player, the Gateway will oscillate as fast as possible between these two states, playing the activate and deactivate sound endlessly until you unplug it. it's probably possible to fix this just by specifying that connections plugging into gateways are always direct and never extender-type, but I have no idea how that would get ironed out on the code end, but in the meantime you can just make sure you use only all-batteries or only generators to power gateways if you must use vehicles.
  8. This seems to be happening as frequently in as it was in the previous few subversions, but basically the game will occasionally lock up and become completely unresponsive while system RAM entirely fills up with Astroneer memory. Rapidly, the paging file will fill up too and the Windows becomes unstable as programs needed to keep the UI running get shoved into the page file. Easy to fix by closing the application as soon as it freezes, or within a minute or so, but this means there's no crash to report; if I disabled the page file it's possible the game might complain about a lack of memory and get closed out, but I don't know if this is Windows stepping in or not. It seems to happen randomly, with no warning. It's happened once while idling on the main menu on the steam friends tab, once when plugging an RTG and four small batteries behind an extender into a gateway engine, once when joining a game right after hearing the 'canister being plugged in' sound before anything even showed up on the screen. This definitely isn't a frequent bug though, and I haven't found anything obvious that causes it to happen, besides seeing some really crazy numbers for system memory. In the first image, the game locked up the computer enough that I had trouble suspending the game in order to take the screenshot, but Astroneer had gobbled up 35GB of system memory which was being represented almost entirely in the page file. In the second image, the game only froze for brief 1-2 second intervals, but sucked up hundreds of MB of memory in the frozen interval at a pace identical to the freezing bug before I closed the application. Basically, the game's memory allocation doubled in the space of 30 seconds @_@. I'm hazarding a wild guess this might have something to do with playing sounds, but I really have no idea besides that the game seems to be stuck in a loop which invokes allocating memory for some purpose or another from which it is occasionally unable to complete.
  9. It's described as very hard because you need drill mod 2 or 3 to even go below the surface lmao
  10. If that's the case, we could use the Power Cell model for Filters! O.O Since they have eight visible subdivisions, it'd be exactly proportionate! I was just imagining having a button would resolve the issue without removing the ability to micromanage to extract more Oxygen from them.
  11. QoL improvement for me would be a 'Use' button for Filters that deactivates them so that they can be worn on the backpack without needing to carry them, both pointing out that there is something to be gained by turning it off, and to remove the need to waddle around forever while holding one. ? Since Filters burn up quickly and lose all of their oxygen if there's nowhere to put it, a button to turn them off would be nice.
  12. That is a really imposing text wall. It's like when you're playing Tetris Attack and someone drops an x25 combo block on your field, gotta read that whole thing and unpack it one sentence at a time ?? I can understand the updates log for new versions being a little curt and lacking discrete details sometimes too. Not everyone on a team considers their individual edits to be significant enough to mention. We had an update way back that made all batteries in-game four times as energy dense, and nobody even mentioned it in passing, I was pretty surprised. =D Like a hidden treat.
  13. I love this platform change so much actually. ? I always used to go on a long trek underground to get enough research bytes for filters and B platforms just to avoid littering my base with unnecessary unused storage space, and now I don't need to! Aaa And now power is so much easier to get underground!
  14. Pretty soon Large Storages will just bounce off of whatever you try to print them on and fly off into space like rubber.
  15. Solar panel wrecks don't actually make very much power, all things considered, you could probably replace it with six small solars or a few medium solars.