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  1. PC+Keyboard+Steam user Recently landed on Vesania in search of lithium, was greeted by the "rocks" "masses" "plants" (???) that are egg-shaped and have little holes in them. Will attach a picture. I figured they were like stalactites in that if you dig them up they would disappear. Immediately walked through one on accident. After playing, logging out, coming back a day later, and testing over time I've found that none of them have a collision barrier, you can just walk through them. Really hoping this isn't intended, it's super disorienting to me....
  2. After logging out and back in, there was still no suit unlocked. However, about 20 minutes later the game sucked up all my memory and crashed, and when I loaded back in I had the suit unlocked. So, sort of resolved by way of game crashing? Not sure why it took a while to unlock.
  3. Playing with my bro on PC via steam, he activated the core while in my game, and I got the achievement, but he was the only one to get his suit unlocked.
  4. Thank you so much! I tried those keys and for me it's almost always the ctrl key that gets stuck. But at least now I don't have to relog!!
  5. As of today (Sept 7) and the new patch (0.10.1) I'm still having this issue crop up. Adjusting the settings etc will not fix it, I have to exit the save file and reload. eta: I created a new save file after the patch, as per usual, and deleted the old. The bug is still occurring on the fresh save file.
  6. After a varying amount of time playing I will find myself unable to click-interact with any objects. I play on desktop via steam, using a mouse and keyboard. Usually this bug occurs after I have been using the terrain modifier. When I put the tool away I will be unable to click-interact with any objects. I can open my backpack, but left clicking on anything immediately closes the backpack. I can open up the interface for modules like the medium fabricator, but trying to click on anything will close the interface. I cannot pick up any objects. My current solution is to get into the habitat/ship and save before exiting to the main menu and reloading the game.