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  1. I LOVE this idea and how you put it together also maby it could be called LO2 pronounced (low two)
  2. really? that's never been an issue when i was building anything
  3. I believe that this update will drop on sept 6 due to this month and the month prior there were updates on the 6th for both
  4. the compound is in the wrong slot on the right and with it there the aluminum wont be pulled onto the slot you have to put the compound in the back slot so the aluminum can do its thing and print
  5. Nitro


    or maybe a drone style system for the pad shown above and an automated shuttle that could take your recources to another planet for you drop them off on the big platform/unbuildable so far structure and if programmed to return
  6. FTLOG IT NEEDS A NEW MODEL XD the current model hasn't changed since the GAMES RELEASE every other platform and module has undergone a change but the vehicle bay hasn't gotten any of the love also yes the name should be changed to large fabricator
  7. Nitro


    I think having limited space on a shuttle is nice because for the fact that if your doing a one way trip you have to manage your recourses a lot before you get fully setup and I think that's partially what they intended
  8. Nitro

    item transport

    or maybe platforms like the trade platform that you can set up multiple of and have them transport recourses from one another which would be very useful to carry on rovers on mining expaditions
  9. Nitro

    Planet Effects/storms

    if anything I love your idea about the electrical storm and how it would effect the platforms I also think it would have a funny animation if your astroneer was struck my lightning. the lightning rod is also something I wish they would add for more power variety
  10. Sulpher is coming to? sweet! also I don't think its segmented you know when Aaron was showing the atmosphere recource collecter off? well they said crafting something like hydrazine where you would need hydrogen to craft it that it would only use one fifth of the canister to craft it so I think its a measurement system for the canister. but yeah a segmented canister would be pretty awsome
  11. my idea is to have a new type of platform, one that would be able to be packed back up once it was set down ideally it would hold the shape of a rough oval and have 2 power connectors on either side and 2 or 4 connection points, this would be useful if your in a rover and need to print something you could hop out and deploy the platform set down your medium fabricator and craft away. another idea is for geothermal energy generators. you know those boiling guizer things in caves and on barren? well why cant we built a device that harvests the energy from those ? as well as maybe a packable rover? or a large storage tank for hydrazine so were not using 16 canisters at a time to store the stuff also the oxygen generator and nuclear generator on the back of the habitat should be craftable in small and medium small taking one slot and medium being the size they are now with the same models maybe some crashed mars curiosity rover type ruins on the planet ? there need to be more moons in the solar system maybe give tundra 2 or 3 and give arid 2 really small ones if your creating more incentive to explore shouldn't you add some more places we havnt ben yet? additions ice? glass? silicon? carbon fiber? nylon? damageable/repairable structures? new minion looking suit?
  12. Whoophuam great idea for the impact idea. I think though it should happen only a few times and have an ultra rare resource on it like iridium or uranium or something like that that would be necessary in the crafting of a space ship or maybe even a space station in edition it would only be minable via the drill crane
  13. Nitro


    just to say I thought of the bigger canister idea 2 months ago but u guys have added on to the idea in cool ways
  14. so new materials in the vlog are zinc clay quartz graphite carbon aluminum alloy tungsten carbonate graphene diamond rubber plastic hydrogen. anything else? ik theres more that weren't shown also is that a new suit type I see at 0:01 at the bottom right of the screen? as well as a new type of canister on the cover of the vid?
  15. Subject 1, new ideas for energy generation. I would love to see a fusion reactor in this game along with in big exo corp letters EXO FUSION on it. the recource hydrogen would come from hydrazien and you would refine it into hydrogen by adding an option to the hydrazine refinery refining the hydrazine into canisters of hydrogen for the fusion reactor. a byproduct of fusion could be compound in a ratio of 8 hydrogen to 1 compound. 2 a hydrazine generator I have longed to be able to have a generator for converting hydrazine into energy the process would generate half of the energy required to synthesize hydrazine. there could be a small veriant similar to the organic generator but producing a bit more power and have it use 1 at a time then bump it up to a medium taking 2 slots to occupy that could require 2 hydrazine containers to function fully. then the large which would use its own platform to be placed down and would require 4 hydrazine containers to work at its max output. 3 geothermal energy I would love to see a platform sized unpackable utility item that stands on 4 feet like a regular platform but has 2-4 slots for items on the side and 2-4 plugs for connecting to other platforms and has a drill that digs into the ground below the platform not actually deforming the ground but appearing to tunnel down. this power source would be constant like the power from the habitat but to have a base that only runs off of geothermal energy would require many units because how it would work is similar to the habitat constant but low overall. 4 nuclear this one is more obvious but I think I could make it a little more in depth. the platform would only come in one size and it would sit on its own platform like the printer vehicle bay exc. it would use uranium to function but a cool idea I had was that none of the current energy sources have to be processed first same w the fusion reactor above so maybe the hydrazine refinery could be renamed refinery and it could have the option to turn the uranium into a fuel rod I think the reactor should use 4 at a time needing 1 uranium per fuel rod and it producing the same energy output as 4 solar panels for 5-10 minuets and when the fuel rods are depleted you will need a canister to collect the nuclear waist that when in the inventory of the player and in an radios around the container damages them at a rate of 1/5th the speed of suffocating and the objective of this is to put the cannisters far away from the base like in real life and wait a couple of hours real time to have the waist degrade into normal soil which could be used for building or the sediment extractor. 5 fuel cell this would use the hydrogen from above and produce a low flow of electricity taking 1 hydrogen every 3 mins and producing the same energy flow as the habitat and producing a canister of water which could be used in agriculture the fuel cell could be placed in an area with 2 slots. subject 2, cool additions I feel the game needs. 1 medium-large canisters these could take up 2 slots for the medium and an entire platform for the large they could hold respectively 8 and 16 canisters worth of soil-hydrazine-(hydrogen)-(water)-(radio active waist). they could use 2 pipes on there model that you could attach a full canister to one side to empty it out or put an empty one on the other side to remove material from the canister. as well as being able to extend the connecter in a pipe fashion that would show the flow of material similarly to the power cables this could be useful for refueling ships or having a hydrazine generator (see above article) connected to one and having an engine gas tank setup on a rover which I think could be awesome and something I have wished to have for a long time. 2 color choice, the stripes on the suits on multiplayer could use a color table so everyone can have a custom unique color to be shown in game. 3 a cable connecter on the back of the small rover please add this it would be so useful 1 to have it towed behind a larger rover to a cave the larger rover cannot fit in and having to switch to the small rover would be an awesome addition and just to have it charge when connected to the base. 4 multiple solar systems and asteroid fields. subject 3, weather 1 acid rain could corrode items and damage them. 2 asteroid impacts (this is one I really want to see in the game) they could be a rare accurance and leave a crater where they impacted and have a rare material called iridium it would require the drill head to mine and give 4-6 in one strike and I believe this material should be used in making shuttles and space ships to add a little more time and effort to getting to space. 3 lightning storms they could have large lightning bolts strike the ground randomly and threaten the astroneers life if they got too close for comfort but I think that they could also be used for energy for instance a lightning rod could be added and when activated (turned on or off) a pole would extend and catch some lightning generating relatively large amounts of energy bud slowly damaging the rod in the process. these where my ideas and I will add on anything that comes to mind oh yeah add ice to mountain tops for a way to get hydrogen or water for future implications and thank you for taking the time to read this behemoth of an idea list and happy astroneering and keep making a grate game