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  1. I was playing and exploring a particular area in 0.9.0, Steam, Windows 10. I noticed that the sounds of Acid Pots were coming, but there was no clearly visible sight of where they were coming from. A few seconds later I would get hit, and then die. This was a version that I upgraded from 0.8.0, however, I had never been to Tundra before the upgrade, so I think that is unlikely. I have attached the video clip at 2 points. The first shows a phantom Acid pot causing me to die. The second shows where I dig one up.
  2. Yeah, I rather suspect is was a visual bug myself. Still, either way, it is a bug.
  3. I was placing Tethers through a tunnel in Astroneer 0.9.0, Steam, Windows 10, when I noticed that my tethers disappeared. See what happened in the following video, where I went from 5 tethers to 0 after placing one down.
  4. I came across some objects after some previous astroneer had died some time before (Or randomly just dropped off everything it had for no apparent reason). I tried to pick up a tank, and wasn't able to until I dug a fairly large hole first. See in the video below. Version 0.9.0, Windows 10, Steam edition.
  5. If not 0 bytes, at least a small portion, maybe 10% of the original research.
  6. I agree, both of those things could be quite helpful.
  7. I took a large rover for a stroll on the planet Exotic, and had huge difficulties because of some plants on exotic that were slightly larger then others. These plants were very difficult to see as an issue, yet they seem to keep me from roving. It would be very nice if these could just be run over. See this in the video below. Version 0.9.0, Steam, Windows 10.
  8. I've seen this too a number of times. Could provide video evidence if it is helpful.
  9. Dynamite. That's what I get for not proof reading... Sigh.
  10. This was in 0.8.0, but I don't have any reason to suspect it will be any different in 0.9. See the video below:
  11. Title pretty much says it all. Take a look at what I had to do to make it below. It seems that there must be a better system that could be done...
  12. One very nice thing would be if the UI was a bit more consistent. Small fabricators have to use a/d to move with keyboard, but others have arrows. Printers don't select using Q, they just use arrows, and can't get things from your inventory. Escape gets out of some popup things, but not others.
  13. In a recent play through I noticed that if I knocked off a tether it still acted as though it was connected until I actually touched the fallen tether. You can see a video of this below:
  14. I have not seen this bug thus far in 0.9.0, but I did have one more instance from 0.8.0 I wanted to report, just to see if it helps.
  15. The new feature to show who a particular astroneer is interesting, but I would kind of like to either set my own name, or just not show it for myself. For other players I imagine it would always be useful, but it can be kind of annoying if I am playing single player, especially if I'm recording.