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  1. 35 minutes ago, Wyvyrias said:

    The invite is still perfectly fine.
    It's possible your IP was banned for some reason. Are you using a VPN?

    No I am not. I'm not sure how I could've been banned, and nobody else in my household would have joined this server.

  2. Hey, I was looking to join the Discord server, but when I try to join, it tells me the invite is invalid. According to the Discord site, this can happen if the invite expired, the invite was invalid, I was banned, or I'm already in the max number of servers. I assume I'm not banned, I know I'm not in the max number of servers, and I'm pretty sure the invite code itself is valid because the Astroneer logo and background appear, so I'm thinking something happened and the invite expired or was invalidated somehow. Help would be appreciated!