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  1. So basically I'm gonna explain the issues that I've had playing Astroneer on Xbox One (Not the Xbox One X). Nothing has really come up regarding the game mechanics and how it's supposed to work, but rather performance issues. After progressing a bit on my first world and starting to get some structures going, My frames start to drop, and in general I move around, pan the camera, and mine slower. This normally only occurs though when I'm looking at or standing next to said structures, or during storms. These performance issues also become amplified when playing with another player, some points the game becomes unplayable for a period of time (see video). The other thing that causes performance issues is when I pick up or place tethers that are connected or connecting to the oxygen line. This causes the game to freeze for around 5 seconds per tether, which makes exploring tedious. Everything else about the game is wonderful, I've enjoyed my time playing. Once these performance issues have been fixed, it will be a great game on the Xbox platform. Thanks! e0f2a28d-6b97-4695-a14f-086256bdbf66.mp4