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  1. Dudeamax99

    Idea for Improving ExoHabitat/Spacestation

    I want this sooooooo bad
  2. Yeah, they are really REALLY weird. i've attached a small one to the small rover, and it generates limitless power. Weirdly it does not stay at the same power level (as it should) but I am GAINING more than I'm losing.
  3. Dudeamax99

    Some ideas that could appreciated

    All of these things sound awesome! But, Water and quests/directed goals are already on the roadmap.
  4. Dudeamax99

    Cartography Module

    Your welcome!
  5. Dudeamax99

    AI and meat flora

    This is predicted for post 1.0 launch ( January 2019 and later)! Here it is on the roadmap.
  6. Dudeamax99

    My poor dirtball

    How does this work?
  7. Dudeamax99

    Automation For Astroneer

    Automation is on the roadmap (1.0 and later)
  8. Dudeamax99

    Detail mode on the terrain tool

    There is a mod that does exactly this
  9. Dudeamax99

    New carrier

    Translation (from google translate):I think the current terrain car can't move fast. I can add a vehicle that is flying on the ground. I can use it to move it quickly. Of course, it can also bring something. 那将是真棒! That would be awesome!
  10. Dudeamax99

    Cartography Module

    This is on the roadmap. I can't wait for this feature!
  11. Dudeamax99

    Settings option for large mouse cursor / sprite

    On most computers, you can adjust your mouse cursor size.
  12. Dudeamax99

    Tunnel Digger addition

    ... or Astronium!
  13. Dudeamax99

    Repacking Platforms

    I have the same problem. I sometimes unpack modules when I have no room for them and they end up blowing away or being clutter.
  14. Dudeamax99

    Fly Cam

    Maybe some mods for the drones as well? Such as larger batteries or a grabber allowing the drone to pick up stuff (as a form of facilitating transport of objects)? Or, a slot for a one-seat...
  15. Dudeamax99

    A page from Call of Duty...

    Good point or, maybe variants of this such as different outfits depending on what you use to make the ultimate item (such as one modifier that changes it like titanium or astronium).