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  1. spot check

    Salvage Issue

    Hi Fevix I didn't alt-tab out of the game and I still cant retrieve the research item thanks
  2. spot check

    Salvage Issue

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but here goes... The attached picture show a research module stuck to a salvaged platform. I used the platform to transport(attach and disconnect) a number of smaller items to salvage. later on I found a large research module and decided to place it on the platform for safe keeping. As you can see in the picture you cannot disconnect the research from the platform. If that's part of the game now it not funny.
  3. The Backpack S/W is not recognizing FULL air tanks at the start of a game. You have to disconnect the tanks and then reconnect the tanks in order for the tanks to be recognized/utilized.
  4. spot check


    Maybe they could have McDonald's all over the planets and you can use your rover to go thru the drive -thru. 🍔🍔🍔🍟🍟
  5. spot check

    Hunter and Pray

    Technically there is one weapon in the game. The terrain tool gives you the ability to destroy plants that can attack you. I do agree with you about the focus of the game. We don't need another third person shooter.
  6. spot check

    Tunnel Digger addition

    I think the whole point of a tunnel borer is to drill massive tunnels and a lot of them. Sorry, I'm not familiar with Steve's cart.
  7. spot check

    Tunnel Digger addition

    Hi Ben At the moment Astronium is rare and is only used to rack up points. If the developers use it as a power source then it would have to be made to be a lot more plentiful. If it is used that way I think at that point they would cut down the value of it (Astronium) BTW I found iron ore yesterday. It also has no use at this point. So I expect to see the addition of iron ore as a building material in later releases. Like Astronium, iron ore has a high research value. 2500 bytes....Nice!
  8. spot check

    Tunnel Digger addition

    Could you create a tunnel digger to make exploring the interior of the planet a bit easier. It would require a new power source like a nuclear reactor to power a machine this big. I suppose you could add uranium as an element to search for and process for the reactor. I just went through the exercise of digging to the core and it take a while to a tunnel to accommodate a large shuttle and crane. Perhaps it could process minerals as it chews up the planet thanks