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  1. The extractor seems to have an issue small amounts of soil left behind from a previous operation. see picture 1 The workaround is to clear out the extractor to get rid of the extra small bit of soil. In effect you are resting the extractor back to zero. hope this helps
  2. individual-1

    Mini Smelter

    The idea was to make mini bases on all the planets with the main base being Terran. it also make it easy to set up bases quickly rather than spend a lot of time gathering minerals and creating devices to transport over. Also I'm not sure but this would save on file size when you store it.
  3. individual-1

    Atomics and Miscellaneous

    You could add Kevlar to the list. It would be good to keep this a running list with everything in one place. If a may suggest title it so it can easily found. like "Game Changer wish list", "Engineering Change Request", "Game Functionality request" Should be added: Mini smelter should be added. Diamond coated drill head. Kevlar should be added as a suit defense Uranium could also be added COBOLT could be added: Cobalt, like iron, can be magnetized and so is used to make magnets. It is alloyed with aluminium and nickel to make particularly powerful magnets. - New collection tool Other alloys of cobalt are used in jet turbines and gas turbine generators, where high-temperature strength is important. - New engine parts Cobalt metal is sometimes used in electroplating because of its attractive appearance, hardness and resistance to corrosion. - New suit safety item The blue color would be interesting to look at
  4. individual-1

    Atomics and Miscellaneous

    I like the scrubber You forgot mini smelter which would be able to smelt one piece at a time and diamond coated drill head. IMHO
  5. that sounds about right. thanks
  6. do they ever tell give people feedback as to validity of an issue ? I would image with new builds that would keep busy 😂
  7. is the software getting confused by the small amount of soil just over the one(1) unit mark?
  8. Mineral Extractor does not recognize one containers worth of soil The extractor will only process 3 items even when there is enough soil for one more container
  9. individual-1

    God Mode Suit

  10. individual-1

    God Mode Suit

    "I just don’t think an extreamly protective suit will be added" That's why they cost so much. You have to do a lot of exploring to get 100,000 bytes what's a Trello?
  11. individual-1

    God Mode Suit

    I am a retired engineer if i had a dollar for every idea i came up but never happened i would have retired even earlier. I assume you work for this company. I understand you have confidentially restricts on any project you work on. I appreciate the feedback and help I get. Blind_IO has help me out too and is is appreciated. BTW I like this game and the forum i think you guys are doing a great job. I've a gamer since 1986
  12. Some on the board suggested ASTRONIUM would be a new powerful power source. Maybe you can make a battery out of it too
  13. individual-1

    Portable Air Scrubber

    Thanks, no problem It's difficult to search for topics already covered when the idea is described. I try to post a actual real life use which is how I get ideas. How about an ASTRONIUM battery
  14. individual-1

    God Mode Suit

    Create a Kevlar space suit which can not be penetrated by spike spears. The COST UPGRADE: 100,000 bytes
  15. individual-1

    Portable Air Scrubber

    On US Submarines there is a device called an Air Scrubber. The device removes the carbon monoxide from the air to a safe level. A device could be developed, perhaps one for each planet, to scrub the existing atmosphere to safe levels for the avatar. The device could work together with an oxygen tank(s) to maintain air pressure. this would also save power by not running continuously. The COST FOR THE DEVICE: 100,000 Bytes Breathe Deep