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    Patch 1.9.8 - January 24th, 2020

    Dedicated Servers 😄 noice Any plans on bringing the weather system back? What about the most suggested feature -> Trains and Rails?
  2. It would really be cool if we could get the opportunity to build Trainstations, Railways and place CargoWaggons on them. They could run on Hydrazine. It would also be awesome if we could Automate them so they would depart/arrive automatically.
  3. This should be #1 on the High Priotask...
  4. What do I have to do to get an answer?... Clearly patience alone isn't paying out here... And tbh i created the topic last weekend. But it says opened 23 hours ago... Is this some sort of trick to put off the answeringtime?
  5. One of the key arguments why I (again) started playing astroneer was to find a "Survival" Game that was featured with a more random driven survival task list, regarding its environment and its preparation. First off I've learned that back then in EA-Times several things changed or were completely missing. Like the new Tutorial that just kicks you on a random planet instead of a generic introduction (which was fine for me). But one thing I really got dissapointed was that they completely removed the Storms. Even on the "Most hardest Planet" Atrox. Even a buddy of mine who also started playing Astroneer came up with the same Idea as many players of your playerbase including my own tinyness to add an option to toggle the storms on and off. I really love Astroneer in its procedural art and I'd love to see storms back in the game since this made approx. 70% of the game's fun imo. It's not that it wouldn't had been possible (You did it before) but just removing them just because some people's platforms couldn't handle it, isn't fair for your day one playerbase. So please dear Devs, do your playerbase a favor and bring back the storms or at least give us an option to recall the greatness that made this game so challenging! Thank you in advance. P.S. I don't want to download an older version of the Game since it's not the meaning of an update to revert something. Updates are here for additions and improvements...
  6. Just to inform you i found the solution. The Problem was Steam's new Privacy Policy. I had to change the Privacy Settings in Steam (where your own profile is) to let at least Friends see that one is in a game... After changing these Settings we were able to play astroneer in LAN Kind regards
  7. Uhm sorry to bother but we're still unable to play LAN so is there any solution regarding this problem?
  8. We're running on a DMZ without any work group settings and with everything set up as it should be on the router. We can also connect in other games, just astroneer doesn't seem to quiet get that we are ingame. The steam online status also doesn't change when opening the game. Steam Friendslist just says: Online and by pity not InGame :C I also just had a look at your Roadmap and it seems like a long line of progress there. Just to add a little something: Item Descriptions is a big part of this and if you are planning to add more ressources to the game you may want to think about something like that since it's very pinchy to collect something and you don't know what it is or what it does. Maybe you could connect this somehow with the crafting and ressource matrix? for example you click a ressource and it shows you a hirarchical map of what you could build with this ressource! Just an idea there but i guess you already thought about something better already But to finalize my conclusion for now is that it looks like we have to wait for the dedicated server to come. Afaik this capsulates most network approaches and makes it easier to set up something like a "connectivity point" on which all players can join on to. I had some same issues with ARK on Host Mode... Or do you think in this case it's different and we could do something here to make it work? Real curious :3
  9. Summary: LAN Play not working with Steam [PC] Description: Can not join or invite friends via steam when in same Local Area Network. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1803 | Build 17134.112 CPU: Intel i7 2600K 3.40GHz GPU: Asus GTX 1080 DCU2 Strix RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: S-ATA NTFS 1000GB (Programs and Games Drive) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi System Era! I bought Astroneer yesterday together with my girlfriend and we wanted to play via LAN (On the same Router) but neitherless if she or me starts the game, we can not see each other playing in the steam overlay. There is an option where i can invite her to my world but if i click the Invite to Game button there is no invite going out. Is it maybe that the LAN uses the same connections (ports etc.) and eats the other clients connectivity? So i am curious, will LAN play be developed or will it not be possible to play together on the same network? Was it maybe just a steam service error cause there is this summer sale atm? Will there also be a Dedicated Server and when can we expect it to come? And what about a UI for "Create" or "Join a Game" option in the mainmenu, is there something on the way? Allthough i have to say i like your game i lost myself a couple of hours just running around on my own, digging up stuff. But i have to admit that it was the funkill after we tried to connect to eachother and failed a couple of times. I garantuee that we will return to Astroneer as soon as this fix is done but till then we have no other choice to wait, hope and see what the future brings.... Thank you for your answer in advance! FyZ1K ----------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S. @SystemEra Sorry for my double Post, due to the rules how to set up a bug report i wanted to set my mistake right! Thank you for your understanding.