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    New versions vs old save files, please update

    I feel the pain of the OP. Having spent the better part of a week with friends building some perfect bases and buildings....then update and bam!!! Fractured world! But it really is Early Access and as such it is almost always the case that anything before actual launch will be lost at some point. Take the time from now till December (oh boy! I can't wait!) to sharpen your techniques and when the live version is released we can start a digital bonfire with all our piles of alpha broken world bases.

    Why It Should Be Easier To Build...

    I have tried the alignment mod many times....I get what it is supposed to do. What I am looking for is a perfectly smooth like I said in the OP, not necessarily "flat". Just nice glass smooth surfaces. The devs certainly do not have to reinvent geometry to allow for easily made smooth surfaces or angles. Getting super close to smooth is easy but will still have cracks, finding the perfectly smooth surface is the tough one.
  3. Ok folks, I know others have brought it up but I thought I would give it a go anyway. I am almost 300 hours into the game. I have built underground bases, sky bases, land bases, mobile bases, bases on every planet.... We all get there is only so much to research. Once you get the hang of it research is everywhere, especially since the last update. So, once you have built plenty of bases, researched all there is and are tired of just starting over and creating new challenges (ex: just take off in a small rover and see how long to a full on base setup) what do you do? I love to build and think perhaps the best aspect of the game is this ability to modify the world into what you like. But why does it have to be so dang difficult to get perfect surfaces??? This seems like an easy fix....but maybe I just don't understand. I have watched plenty of videos and they all seem to come down to " guess which voxel is "flat"and expand it" ….come on now...We travelled to a distant planet and cant easily make a smooth surface? I have built many structues (perfect pyramids, temples, etc), but it takes way too long to get them started with the "guess" method. PLEASE PUT AN EASY SUFACE TOOL IN!!! I could easy spend days making fun structures if it didn't take so dang long to find a perfectly "smooth" surface to go from....

    Extra large storage

    Yes, you can still move the platforms with the storage attached as long as they are not connected to anything. Make a ton of work lights and fill the extra large storage with them, then place on the ceiling for an awesome chandelier!

    Suggestion: Mineral Extractor tutorial

    The extractor has lines on the front that show the amount of soil needed per requested material. It also engages as soon as you have enough soil loaded. Like the others said, titanium and lithium both require a full load. I find it easier to build a rover train with an extractor on it along with a crane/drill. Just pull along a wall in your cave and drill till full, extract, repeat. Other ways of getting the lithium easier include mining coal and trading at the platform or putting a wide mod augment on your terrain tool. With the wide mod canisters fill much faster. Drill a hole, move into it, drill holes 90 degrees out from original hole, repeat on the opposite side. You can fill 8 canisters in a few minutes easy. Hope it helps.