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    AI and meat flora

    Hi! I want to offer you to create a character with artificial intelligence. This character is also an astronaut like us. But he needs help. Traveling around the planet, we find this astronaut who asks us for help. We help him, and in return he works at our base. Will do easy work. For example, to extract resources and put them in a special place. Or do crafting. It is desirable that the number of assistants to the astronauts was not limited. This way we can make new friends in a single game! Just want to see the animals in the game. For example-dog, wolf. By passing theirs study, it would be cool if they could be tamed and used for their own purposes. The dog will be able to pick up resources that do not get into the backpack and carry them to the base, help to collect the soil in containers or help to find the way back home. More tamed animals can be fed to improve efficiency and even possibly level up. Thanks to this, the game can be added to the equipment that will allow to grow food on the planet. That's all. Excuse me for my poor English. ?