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  1. I would love to see a more detailed landing sequence for the game. This would add to the immersive aspect, as well as more detail which I feel the game already does well. Additions could include parachutes, flame effects when entering the atmosphere, rockets when landing. Possibly even a crash landing sideways that you go through a tutorial to setup your habitat.
  2. While mining with the drill half, completed organic material would somehow get into the large storage modules. These pieces cannot be removed from the storage and take up space.
  3. QMon23

    Advanced Mining Tool

    To add onto your idea, maybe add a module that allows you to change the brush size on the fly, perhaps holding 'ctrl+scrollwheel'. And it would attach to the gun's nozzle, and then maybe you have an efficiency module for the collector part at the back. This would allow for more precise modification of the terrain to make your world look better.
  4. QMon23

    Customizable space suits

    Possibly the ability to change the color of the oxygen tubes etc. Maybe even modify the tether colors per person.
  5. QMon23

    Be able to commit suicide

    Make the game 18+ lol, 12-year-olds play call of duty anyways amirite.
  6. QMon23

    Placeable rope, ladders

    I would love a winch that drops you down, then you detach and it hangs there. Then to go up you attach and reel in.
  7. QMon23

    Multiplayer bugs

    Bug with the seat. When I entered the seat, and my friend took my off the rover, I was permanently stuck in the seat, no way to leave.