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  1. system era should optimised the game before removing objects. I have a good computer and i am lagging a bit( intel core i5, 8g RAM intel HD graphics). bored of these update. also the worst bug...
  2. It the steam version and my computer is à Intel core i5 7th gen whit 8g RAM. Also i can't put the graphic really high or i am lagging. I bought my computer 6 month ago.
  3. i know there is other person you tell you about this bug but 2 update after it not fixed. PLS FIX IT!
  4. when i do the tutorial i was not able to end it because i was not able to go in the seat. the tutorial was saying to open my inventory and get out a small generator put there was nothing to do so i skip the tutorial.
  5. i have the same thing when i start the game there is a black sreen and you need to click but before i was thinking it was loading so i was waiting for a really long time.
  6. there is so much bug it really weird. the first one is i can't see the items in the reserch computer. bug 2 is i can't activate or desactivate the organic generator (i can only activate it or desactivate it when i put it on the top whit x and z) and i can't finish the tutorial because i can't go in the seat. I also flip the rocket whit the small generator XD. ASTRONEER (Présentation) 2018-06-16 17_06_15.mp4 ASTRONEER (Présentation) 2018-06-16 17_06_15.mp4