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  1. I like the storms since they make the planet feel more alive, but they do get old after a bit since you basically have to hide in your shelter. They look super neat rolling through in the distance, though. I'd imagine that we'll eventually get different kinds of storms and they won't be so distracting.
  2. I experienced that after I switched to the beta branch. I actually landed in my habitat and thought "Wait, did they downgrade the visuals? Everything is so empty." After a bit, trees, rocks and grass everywhere.
  3. It's an alpha, for one. So I'm sure that it could use some optimizing. It's also a CPU bound game like Minecraft. So at least for now, I guess it stands to reason that the more you've explored, the more CPU it eats. It's going to rely more on your CPU than your GPU.
  4. Maybe just some bad luck that you're having. If there are any more of those explody things or spikey guys in my caves, I'll send them your way. I'm tired of looking at them.
  5. I'm betting that a lot of those extra base building and deconstruction type of features are in the plans. I would like to add on to my spaceship while it's... in space. Maybe do the research and build the modules, attach them to the shuttle then blast into space and add them on until I have something like a space station.
  6. But... what would you do for the rest of the game? o.oa
  7. I feel like the camera should stay centered on whatever you're doing with the right stick. Or at least not wait until your tool pushes the screen over before it moves. There are oxygen generators. They're called filters and can be researched. They don't require resources and just slot into your backpack. And I really want a run toggle. Haha.
  8. You can just use your terrain tool to add or remove ground. Edit: I'm assuming the Xbox controls are the same as the PC with controller controls. The X button brings up your tool and the R1 button switches its modes.
  9. Solar panels should charge your truck just fine. Wind turbines are pretty unreliable, but the batteries work. The raw power modules work, too. Oh, generators work and power cells also work. I think there's something wrong with your truck.
  10. I'm sure these won't be the final controls for controller people. Right now, they're pretty clumsy. I think there was a video with one of the devs that said they're still in development. It'll get there!
  11. What do you guys think about finding alien technology that we can research and learn advanced blueprints for things like teleporters or futuristic sci-fi gear?
  12. That's not a bug, it's a feature! Underground automatic parking.
  13. I'm hoping for a jetpack system tied to your oxygen. How evil would that be?!