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  1. Sorry still random crashing after 15mins vers 0.6*-0.9* was fine. It's gotten to the point it crashes just after I start getting into the more enjoyable part for me and p ing me off. I'm giving up until the next patch. Not exactly a happy customer just now
  2. Same annoying random crash after 20 or so mins. Feels like a memory leak, stay on the surface 1 hour before crash. Underground/collecting starts tiny chopping 20 mins crash to desktop no indication.
  3. Simple you die that's it. On a bigger scale you need to collect certain resourses for your ship before the system is destroyed, black hole passing through etc
  4. Weather idea, the storms are perfect as they are but their timing could be better set as random. Never as bad as Scottish weather mind you. Trailer idea, for the mobile base lovers. similar to X3 large rovers perm linked. Setup could be X3 cargo or X2 carog eoither side of a tanker version. You have to assemble them section at a time, they have No power or drive capability. A rover either side to be effective.