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  1. After the new update, I've had some big issues with flipping my rover over. However, this could also be due to the thruster on the back. Regardless, I launch myself around with the thruster, and of course end up flipped over 80% of the time. When I go to flip it, though, it just does a 360 or even a 720 and ends up upside-down again. It takes several tries to get it correctly flipped, and this seemed to happen only when I stood very close to or beneath the rover.

    Here is a pic of the current attachments on my rover.

    ASTRONEER Screenshot 2018.06.14 -

  2. Just found some minor bugs here. First, the small hologram in the bottom left of the backpack (on the printer, showing material required for printing) is constantly vibrating for me slightly. As in the image is seemingly shaking a bit. Happens every time I open the backpack.


    Second, my solar panel glitched a bit and the panel part sort of detached from the stick it sits on, though it still functions fine. Attached screenshots show this pretty well I think. This seemed to occur after I launched myself into a wild frenzy with the thruster-powered rover.


    These are very minor things I noticed, nothing too big. Just wanted to bring them to light.

    ASTRONEER Screenshot 2018.06.14 -

    ASTRONEER Screenshot 2018.06.14 -