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    Droid Companions

    yeah, this would be great. with a little animation when you point at something that it looks at what you pointed at, then back at you, then back at the thing. i don't know about hovering though, i'm picturing a 6 legged bot myself
  2. i like this idea, even just a direction marker on the compass when you hover the mouse over the astroneer would be good
  3. mikkyg28

    No Aluminium

    Yeah, i had that problem, then after i saved and came back the next day, it was everywhere in the caves
  4. mikkyg28


    also, i had the same problem, it was more that i couldn't find the damn stuff. i had to go waaay deep into some caves and then only found a couple of patches of it, just enough for the truck i researched. i found another patch, then nothing. i took advantage of the fuel/trading process after that. my new game has been a bit better, so haven't done that again yet
  5. mikkyg28


    if you have the ore, you should be able to smelt whatever you like. it needs to be powered ( all the black bars on the front turned yellow). attach a generator or solar panel for that. then you just put the ores onto the four slots at the front, and there will be an activate button one it is powered.
  6. mikkyg28

    Changeable tool size

    yes. this. i would eve like a sensitivity slider, regardless of the power consumption.
  7. not that you can't already go wandering to find stuff, i just think this would be cool. maybe an upgrade for the tool that would drain all the power in one shot, or a 5 min cooldown so you can't spam it.
  8. mikkyg28

    Displaced plants and rock-formation cleanup

    agreed. particularly for the stalactites.
  9. mikkyg28


    yeah, i don't think a jetpack would suit this in the long run. maybe if there was any space EVA in future, enough propellant for a double jump while in-atmosphere.
  10. mikkyg28

    Idea: Enemies

    maybe not 'enemies' as such. possibly some sort of creature who likes how shiny your base is and like to take parts of it for a nest or hoard. then if you found it, free parts for your base or high level resources.
  11. mikkyg28

    What is that? I found 2 that objects.?!?!?!

    Looks like part of a ship/satellite. you find them here and there. when they're outside, you can link up to the solar panels to power your base
  12. mikkyg28


    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198022761146 I'm on at odd hours, but i'd love to try co op mode
  13. mikkyg28

    Falling through the world

    Same, i sank waaay down and slowly bounced back up to waist height in terrain and could jump out. i was tethered at the time i went through, unsure if that makes a difference.
  14. mikkyg28

    Teleporting Research to your Base

    oh, that must be what happened to my filters. i had some in my backpack but didn't have them when i left the cave with a research item from a tree. none of the trees i dug around exploded that i noticed, though. maybe the filters kicked in automatically.
  15. mikkyg28

    Under terrain bug

    happenned to me too, steam on windows 10. i slowly rubberbanded back up again, waist height in the terrain, i was able to jump and get out.