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  1. Hello! Very much enjoying the main game and stumbling my way through the learning process pre-tutorial. Overall from the other feedback's i have read it mostly comes down to taste, do they want hand holding or not, lots of it or just a little, more story or less. I will just give my single opinion. I liked the Tutorial, it was fun, seemed to have a story, I totally crash landed, all my stuff is broke, and now i have to scrap something together off this old abandoned base. very neat. Tree tap, totally want that in game, I never use organic for anything previous to this, if i had some trees nearby and that tree tap, i would use ALOT more organic and the generators. Shuttle Raised Platform, Yes please! that thing looks great and would really set how important getting off planet is and make it a bit more of a big deal with such a impressive building to spring off into the greater star system. Also making a separate landing spot not attached to the normal vehicle bay is good. [In general being able to make larger more permanent things would be cool.] Old abandoned bases, and equipment to salvage from, i would like to see that on planets as well. adds a bit more interest to the surface world. Great job guys, I know it wont please everyone but at least the tutorial is optional for those that don't want any hand holding. -Bandit
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    Screenshots Megathread

    on the front page in the example screenshots there are pictures of base structures i have not seen before. Are they really old models not in use anymore or new and yet fully implemented?