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  1. bigessess

    Wind Power RNG

    Any specifics on the RNG system for the wind? I thought they were individual, but a platform of 8 all start and stop at the same time so they seem to be in a group. Is the group planet wide or how large is the area? I have only used solar until now, but they do not seem to want to have one spinning at all times
  2. bigessess

    Hovering tethers

    If you place a tether while walking forward using the terrain flatten tool, the tether lands on the height of the back of the terrain gun and floats there until some random time later they decide to fall and disconnect
  3. bigessess

    Old Threads

    A: Bounce off the walls is an understatement. Flaming on a forum is very well known and listed as against the rules in almost every forum on the web. B: If a person wants to discuss a topic, now, then the topic is a current topic, even if you have been previously exposed and are currently bored with the topic. Don't click on it if it does not interest you. 😄 It is not hard to find people getting tore up. Go to almost any forum and read hot topics. If you read what I said, I did not say this forum specifically, I made a general statement D : It is irrelevant how old a post is, if someone is currently having the problem then the time to discuss it is now for that person or group of people. How should that be related to the date that the topic was last discussed in this small, local arena. Again most forums encourage keeping the topic in one thread so the information is easy to find
  4. I posted about that somewhere too. If they would at least color the poles the same color as the flags, that would ease the pain of the clouds a bit
  5. bigessess

    Old Threads

    idk why people bounce off the wall when someone wakes an old thread in just about every forum on the planet Is that not the point of the forum. First someone starts a topic. People read and respond. The forum remains for the rest of the 99.9% of the world who have not yet been involved in it. After some period of time the topic is never worth discussing again? New players who have the same issue can read, but not write,... because of the date? Forum etiquette on this topic is broken if you ask me... because look at this... If you post a new thread on the same topic, you get tore up for starting a new thread when one exists. Is it me or is the world broken?
  6. Same for the Smelter.. When unloading, aim to unload into a storage device with like items
  7. I would like the Mineral Extractor to be smart about what it picks up and places on the tables. If it picks up a can of dirt, and eats the dirt, put that can back in the empty slot it was picked up from, unless it has been filled, in which case continue with the current action, fill an empty slot or do not move the can When unloading the resource, if there is a Medium Storage on the table (or what ever storage device) that contains the same item, then add to the storage that has the like item until it is filled up first, then aim for empty slots or stop unloading
  8. bigessess

    Backpack swap with medium storage 1 click

    I was just thinking, hotkey it to work like swapping with the equipped items, (on pc version anyway..) Shift + Left Click on the Medium Storage to swap.. Would be perfect
  9. The 8 slots in the 'main' storage area of the backpack, I want to just all at once swap that with the contents of a Medium Storage. Say I gather 8 Organic and I swap with an empty Medium Storage, I simply unload the 'main' area to that Medium Storage If that Medium Storage has any contents, those contents are moved to the backpack. In this way I could dump the Organics I picked up, and gather all of the items I left behind for a moment to gather Organic
  10. bigessess

    Spaceship won't Launch after adding storage

    closed seat seems to be the answer, idk if this is an exploit or not, but still good in 08xx
  11. bigessess

    Storm pushed my Rover and I died

    I either blast a hole in the side of a mountain or ramp downward into the ground just where ever it is, once it has walls on 3 sides it don't move by wind Also if you cover the feet of the tethers they wont be disconnected very easily (sometimes other things can make them move enough to unlink if they are just placed)
  12. bigessess

    Out for some tree fruit

    I always take a trip around the equator as soon as I unlock the rover, and this 30(ish) minute trip always gives me a full train which is always enough to push me from land to sky in research and usually upgrades the full book by time those are all done
  13. bigessess

    problems with flatten terrain around home base

    you can get one that will flatten, just keep restarting until you get a base that does not have a drop down, get one that digs in a bit all the way around and you can make it flat
  14. bigessess


    They don't seem that rare, found these before I found enough research items to build a shuttle 5000 would be a high payout