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  1. bigessess

    Shuttle landing inside objects still at it
  2. bigessess

    Scrapper in 0.9.0

    sounds like you are using a save file from before 0.9, it should work on a new save file
  3. bigessess

    Unable to complete tutorial

    Yes. It is possible to mix up the progression of the tutorial. It can be completed if you follow it step by step and do not accidently do anything from the quest line before being prompted to A bit buggy, but this is from 0.8, at the time of this posting 0.9 is out so this could be out of date (I am still downloading)
  4. bigessess

    SES - anyone home?

    I just changed mine and tried again. I used YGHJ like you did, apply and resume.. I walk and run with YGHJ, but the rovers still require W to move forward. Reset and change back and everything works as expected on WASD. Did you drive the rover or just walk?
  5. bigessess

    Astroneer just closed

    Shift + Left Click a tether and closed again. This time just standing still with a full backpack, I had 2 tethers in a stack and 5 tethers in another stack, so to make room I tried to get them to stack into one pile (which they should do by default, but they do not if they did not originate from the same stack). I dropped 2 tethers on top of one another, clearing one stack, grabbed another item to fill that slot and picked them up again and they stacked as they should. When attempting to close the backpack I accidently dropped another tether, wrong key, then by some comical trickery, I did it again, putting 2 down exactly as before. Picking up the first one went fine, picking up the second one closed astroneer This is the 5th time for me to see this, and every time the only thing in common seems to be picking up a tether, as far as I can tell the other factors have been changing: Backpack open or closed.. Running or walking or standing.. Terrain tool in hand or not in use.. Backpack has always had 'room' to gather one, in other words I do not recall it ever crashing if the backpack give the Backpack Full warning, only when it would have taken another tether
  6. bigessess

    SES - anyone home?

    Yes. This is not just me. Try it yourself.
  7. bigessess

    SES - anyone home?

    All of that would make sense for any normal bug. The specific problem with the hotkey here is 1 out of 4 (actually more, but consider just WASD for now) where 3 of them function as expected and only 1 is bugged. There are 3 functional models in the same exact spot as the broken code. When it is so easy to fix, and it is so annoying to not, the answer is a hotfix, yet this has gone on for months without attention or word. I call them out on this... it needs fixed yesterday. 😕 no other way to see this one
  8. bigessess

    Update 0.8.0 - June 14th, 2018

    Please edit the forum to treat Enter as the user would expect, and put the odd behavior on Shift+Enter
  9. bigessess

    SES - anyone home?

    Too much annoyance... driving the rover lost all fun For some reason I had to use the H key to go forward. No clue how that happened or what changed it. For what ever reason it is back to the WASD pattern but, you still can not change it. Well, you can change WASD and walk around, but the changes do not apply to the rovers completely. Forward is stuck on W for driving rovers no matter how you set your hotkeys
  10. bigessess

    Item marked "RESOURCE"

    Food for the shredder, next update
  11. bigessess

    Why don't I explore more

    Look on this forum for a post called: Hovering tethers (tethers do not place correctly and fall apart, losing link to oxygen/power) and another called: Astroneer just closed (sometimes picking up tethers crashes astroneer) and other posts people have made about huge networks of tethers being laggy
  12. bigessess

    SES - anyone home?

    Change WASD to anything else and try to drive the rovers I am not a WASD person, I want to not use WASD It needs fixed
  13. bigessess

    ATTENTION Moderators

    sweet thx Thanks for the super fast response moderators. Truly helpful. So glad to be a part of this community
  14. I would like some official feedback on the hotkey issue Driving the rovers with a hard coded H key to go forward is too much, which was a recent change from the hard coded W key. Honestly, hearing nothing is the same as telling me to stop playing. I mean, I get it, its alpha and all that but computers have been correctly recognizing keyboard keys since...computers what ever the issue this IS an easy fix and... is someone on it for the next update? I saw the recent vlog, someone said excellent work on the rovers...etc... and the controls, has it already been fixed?
  15. bigessess

    Tropical Getaway

    This save file was ruined for me. and all too soon I sat in a seat, and when I exit the seat it places me inside the thruster of the crashed junk pile and left me in the falling animation where I couldn't jump over the lip to get away Reloading and trying to exit again put me in the same position meaning to continue I have to die. DELETE -- NEXT Sad to see this one go too, this is the map I was talking about in another post when I said I restarted 10-20 times to find a good camp site 😕