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  1. Exoplaneteer

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    WOW! I love having so many more resources, it really brings you into the game and makes you more excited when discovering each new resource, and I love the feeling of knowing how many there are out there. It really expands the Astroneer Universe. Oh, and a suggestion from me: Raw maple extracted from trees in next update? Would be a great easter egg for all the boyos in the Discord ??? I'm hyped to travel on the journey to 1.0 and beyond, and Zeeb for LYFE (but don't tell Spicy)
  2. Exoplaneteer

    Organic Taps

    I'm with Rias. I think the things in the tutorial are a "quick taste" of the things they will be adding in the future - for example, launch pads, organic tap trees, and (at least I hope) abandoned bases.
  3. I think that this idea could be very useful and cool if we expanded it a bit. Let's say, that using crystals you can find in caves, you can create a container filled with a translucent, almost glass-like material. The canister could be placed on your terrain tool and used to make objects (like clear-ish walls) that are translucent or coloured. You could suck the material back up into the container, with the terrain tool, and when it's empty, you could re-fill it.
  4. Exoplaneteer

    Abandoned Bases?

    So, I was talking on discord about abandoned bases to the devs, and they said that it was an interesting idea! I have no idea if they are considering it (or maybe it's already in development), but here's hoping!
  5. Exoplaneteer

    Local Multiplayer/Splitscreen

    Agreed, this would be heckin' awesome! +1!
  6. Exoplaneteer

    Astroneer Stranded

    Except it's just a tutorial... I really hope that this could be an actual game mode; "Stranded". It would be amazing!
  7. Exoplaneteer

    Abandoned Bases?

    Bad-ish news. The awesome new update just launched, and it's amazing, with a tutorial and all that stuff. The bad news is that the abandoned base in the video was actually just the tutorial - so now I have no idea if they're gonna be a thing, as with launch pads. If not, I really hope the devs can see this so they can add them
  8. Exoplaneteer

    Update 0.8.0 - June 14th, 2018

    THANK YOU JAO I AM MUCH HYPE Rias, conquerer of Rome.
  9. Exoplaneteer

    Abandoned Bases?

    Thank you so much! I'm hyped!
  10. Exoplaneteer

    Large rover re design

    Ooh yes, that looks even better!
  11. Exoplaneteer

    Abandoned Bases?

    That's exactly what I'm going for. You could get your friends to help you start up an abandoned base or scavenge some of the tech. It really gives you an incentive and feeling of depth!
  12. Exoplaneteer

    Abandoned Bases?

    That's a great idea! I hope that the devs can consider this before 1.0 (you should watch the trailer, it's amazing!).
  13. Exoplaneteer

    Train concept (With 3D model concept)

    Wow! That looks awesome! I think that a hover track would be a great addition to the game, and your design fits the Astroneer "style" perfectly. Have you considered applying for a job at SES? That 3-D Model looks amazing - you got my vote!
  14. Exoplaneteer

    Large rover re design

    Also, if you want to attract the attention of the Devs, I suggest renaming your idea to "Track Mod for Large Rovers?" as it is more attracting and may catch the interest of scrolling viewers!
  15. Exoplaneteer

    Large rover re design

    I think that this would be a highly useful but not too overpowered feature, and an incentive to travel to Arid looking for hematite. Perhaps making the tracks would require titanium and hematite - let's say, 4 hematite and 4 titanium per track. There could be two long tracks, one for each side of the large rover, and that would give it the ability to climb steeper terrain, and gain a lot more stability on crazy bumpy ground or travelling over small crevasses (which will be added in with T2.0). Hopefully Rias or one of the Devs can see this, I can see much potential in your idea! I'm assuming by tracks you mean something like this: